Color Club With Abandon

The final polish from the fall Wild At Heart collection! With Abandon is a black jelly base with flecks of bronze glitter, they flash a little green I think if you move your fingers around. This one needs 3 coats since the black is very sheer and streaky at first.

I really enjoyed this collection, the colors were very fall-like to me, the formula was great and I loved all the shine and glitter, so exciting! The only thing I wasn't sure about is the 0-60 fast drying topcoat that came included with the fall set. It didn't seem to dry as fast as my Seche Vite or Orly Sec n Dry.

A special thanks to Whitney, you are the best! (^^)

Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em & Taboo

Moving on to the other holo in this collection, Love 'Em Leave 'Em is sort of peachy colored outdoors. I love it! When you go indoors and it goes into the holo non-blinding stage it looks light taupe. I am wearing a clear basecoat by Poshe, 2 coats of Love 'Em Leave 'Em (LELE?!) and no topcoat. Application was streaky and draggy first coat but like most all other holographics it went on perfectly the second coat.

I had a couple of requests for Taboo, it is from the mini Halloween/Fall collection this year called Master Of Disguise. I could not get this purple to show up, at all. I tried everything, what the heck! It is a dark purple base with blue and fuchsia glitter. I wish I could show you what it really looks like in person! Well you can see a little purple poking out, maybe another blogger that knows the secret to photographing purple will show you a good picture lol. ;(

Color Club On The Wild Side and Wild And Willing

I love all shiny things, including frosty metallics. Unfortunately I fail at anything that shows brushstrokes so I had to take off On The Wild Side right away, it drove me crazy. I enjoyed the color a lot, a gray metallic that I liked with my skintone. I am wearing 2 coats no topcoat. I let this one dry without Seche and dry time was average. Next time I will be more careful with the brushstrokes lol.

Wild And Willing is an amazing glittery duochrome bomb! This photo shows what you see most of the time, a coppery sparkle. Then it shimmers pink and green, which is barely visible on the bottle here.

Then it turns into golden glitter! I could not for the life of me get the gold shot besides in the bottle, this is my favorite form I must say. I am wearing 4 thin coats with Seche Vite in these pictures, but honestly I could have stopped at 3. I could not see a difference between 3 and 4.

I have been meaning to post about this I kept forgetting, but don't miss out on the Secret Santa exchange open to all nail polish bloggers (beauty bloggers too that sometimes do polish posts I think) CLICK HERE for details at Nicole's site. The signup deadline is September 14th! Chop chop.

Color Club Wild At Heart

I absolutely adore purple and holographics, so clearly Wild At Heart was my second choice! This is a rich dark purple holo, it is so pigmented and easy to apply. Normally I have to be extra careful about the dragging but this applied so smoothly each coat, and I'm even wearing a ridgefiller. This is 2 coats and no topcoat, drying time was the usual: super fast! I could swim in this color I love it so much!

MAC Nail Trend And Color Club Rule Breaker

I have been waiting for these polishes to come out forever it seems like, and I really wanted them all but I only chose 3. I got L-R Beyond Jealous, Rich, Dark, Delicious and Dry Martini. I felt like I own many others like the other 3.

I also stopped by the store to get some contact lens solution and some candy lol. Oh speaking of candy, if you have not tried these new peanut butter and jelly M&M's you are missing out!! It has a strawberry jelly flavor candy coating, the m&m chocolate, and the center is peanut butter. Soooo good. I will show you picture of the package later.

I get home and there was a package on my porch! I almost pooped myself. Good thing I didn't.
(^^;) - phew.


Outdoors. Rule Breaker is a blue-green (teal) shimmer. This color is very opaque and I am wearing 2 coats. I love it, my hand just naturally gravitated towards this bottle for my first pick! I also tried the 0-60 second top coat that this collection came with. "This super fast drying, shiny top coat will dry the top layers of your manicure or pedicure in 60 seconds! Durable and chip-resistant formula - great for all nail types." I think I was supposed to wait before putting it on ( I am a die hard Seche Vite user) I applied this immediately after my second coat. After 15 minutes some of my nails are still a little tacky and others feel dry to the touch. I will be more patient next time.

The one on the far right is missing it's label, Yule Love It =x. The others L-R Clear Topcoat, Wonderland and Under The Mistletoe.

I cannot wait to dig into these! L-R Abracadabra (Hocus, Pocus! lol Bugs Bunny anyone? Anyone? *crickets*) Master Of Disguise, Taboo and Ghost Of Chance.

Sorry for the long post, I am starving so off to bake a pizza! :)

OPI Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose

I cut my nails Monday, not down to the quick this time but no more nails bending in half!

I was wearing Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose earlier that day, it's from the Canada collection (lol am I Captain Obvious or what?) and it is a bright frosty berry color. It is so pretty in the bottle, you see deep gold shimmer throughout, and on the nails, nothing. Despite the lack of gold shimmer, it is very pretty. I would have worn this longer but after all the filing it chipped.

I wore China Glaze BFF yesterday with my shorter nails!

I haven't updated my blogroll in a while, I've bitten off more than I can chew I think. I can't keep up on my blogs lol. Well anyway if you'd like to be on my blogroll let me know! You can email me or leave a comment.

Illamasqua Nail Art Contest Entry

Hello! I apologize for the lack of updates recently but as you may or may not know, this is my 100th post and I wanted it to be my entry! Cheesy yes indeed. Entry first then you can decide to read the wall of text or not.

I wanted my first entry to be a little more avant garde. I guess I call this the stiletto optical illusion. This isn't photoshopped at all I was lucky this is the one and only shot that came out this way. The shot is perfect, this is how I envisioned the photo to look! I just wish my nails were longer so the stiletto would be cooler looking.

I am a quiet and shy person. I am the epitome of fufu girly: pink, bows, anything pastel, cute puppies, you name it. I don't like to wear dark eye makeup (maybe I don't know how to put it on, yeah!), I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt. My alter ego would be bold, loud and striking! She would wear 6 inch stilettos and a mini skirt. So anyway, it struck me, I instantly knew I had to do some kind of faux stiletto nails. I have never seen a fake stiletto done on natural nails before. I was dubious but it can be done!

My alter ego would definitely do an asymmetrical french, just because she can. Bronze and black is something I would never wear. It's on! Oh before I show you the transformation process, here is my right hand. I am right-handed so please excuse any oopsies!

This was harder to photograph, but my first picture shows you the illusion so you get the idea.

3 coats of MAC Vestral White. This is only white I had that matched my printer paper.

I totally fouled up my pinky so I took it off and went to the next nail. I painted the tips black with acrylic paint, filled in the other part with MAC Mercenary. Then by accident I brushed my tip with Mercenary and I discovered that I could brush lightly over the uneven texture of the black paint and it would leave this sort of neat design. Kind of like rubbing a pencil on paper over a coin. Embossing? I don't know lol.

Here I finished one nail and pretty pleased so I did the rest. You can really see the texture of the tips and how the bronze polish went over it.

Another shot of the final look. Bling bling! The trick to photographing this is to not have any shadows. I used 2 lamps and flash to avoid it haha. The end!

I had a blast doing this, thank you Illamasqua for getting me to do some nail art. If you would like to enter your own nail art, here is the link to the contest. You have until Sept. 6th, so you can think about it!

Thank you everyone for looking!

OPI On The Same Paige

I spent an hour this morning doing a rough draft for my Illamasqua entry, and I figured out my nails are not long enough for the idea I had! Whaaaat you say? Well I was miffed so I took off my 50 coats of polish and put on On The Same Paige. It's a very reddish orange creme, the indoor shot was taken late June, check out those nubs! Indoors it looks very red, no? I don't think it suits my skintone.

So now do I scrap my idea or go with it anyway? I'm torn because it seems like a cool concept but if it doesn't even look the way it's supposed to whats the point? Oh decisions decisions.

Orly Dance Til Dawn and colored contacts

I found this on clearance at a local beauty supply so I got it. I am so glad I did! It's a super pale lilac creme, it needed 3 coats and it was soooo watery. I regret nothing! I don't get the name tho, this isn't what I'd wear if I was going to dance til dawn...

I usually wear glasses but when I wear contacts I wear colored ones. I think they are super fun to wear. Well I have beady little almost black eyes so its fun for me lol. I wore my green ones yesterday. I also own blue ones. Someday I want to try some circle lenses, they look so cute! Oh yeah, it's hard to put them in and take out because of my long square nails, I stabbed my eyeball yesterday!

Claire's Magic

I found this polish a few weeks ago, I've seen it before and thought it always looked pretty. It is a rich purple with such a nice bright pink and purple shimmer! I had 20 minutes to kill before we left for dinner last night so I threw on a stamp with plate m25 and China Glaze BFF to stamp with. I have worn this twice now and both times the color bleeds after I use my topcoat onto any exposed basecoat. You can see it pretty clearly in the picture, I tried 2 different basecoats so maybe Seche is the culprit...

I had to take advantage of the BOGO 1/2 off there so my other choice was Claire's Green Confetti which packed with mega glitter in a green base. I made Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees last a day longer with it! Oh I got the glitter idea from a post by Brooke a couple weeks ago.

I am behind on reading blogs and posting comments, do you guys have any tips on how to stay caught up everyday? I'll try to catch up by the evening :)

French manicure

Ever since I saw Danielle's french mani the other day, I've been wanting to try something similar. I wish I had picked some colors instead of boring black and white! Oh she also did a cute one today too, I like hers better :)

My weapons of choice: LA Colors Art Deco polish.

I didn't think to take pictures during until I was working on my right hand, so it's not as good looking. I did an offset chevron so I paint a dot on the side and use that as my center guide. I'm wearing 2 streaky coats of Essie Glamour Do, I got a couple of Sinful Colors yesterday one was a sheer pink I should've used that!

I used my white LA colors art polish it is a striper brush so super easy to draw the lines and fill in.

I forgot a step, but then I used my black art polish and made 2 brushstrokes going down, crisscrossing each other. Then I painted some dots on ring and thumbs using acrylic paint. Check out my super ghetto pack of paint lol it's all dried up I need to buy the big bottle soon! YES, that is a Strongbad coaster! We got free coasters with an order I made years ago lol. Also came with pink Homestar Runner ones, so cute!

Okay so you draw your dot dot dot with acrylic paint, I also added an extra stripe on the dotted fingers. I missed a step again! I put 1 silver bullion on each nail after this. Looking at it now, the bullion was out of place and weird, oh well!

The end.

Zoya Kotori

I was going to keep Anastasia on til tomorrow but I was all excited about Illamasqua's contest so I did some random painting on my nails for practice which of course wrecked my mani. I have a few ideas so far I hope it translates well enough onto my nails and I am able to actually do the painting.

Oh boy, how could a gradient attempt go oh so wrong? I gave it a good shot, still going to wear it since I love this color. Kotori is delicious bright blue/teal glitter swimming in a sheer black base. 5 coats at the tips and 2 at the cuticles. This is very sheer so I think at least 3 coats is a must, but so worth it. My pictures do not even do this color any justice, I am ashamed lol.

This is my third section, I started at the tips and worked my way up to the cuticle. After what you see here I painted 2 thin coats on the entire nail. I think I just picked a bad color. I used the method I saw at Mitsue's blog here (Mini Nail Blog). She has the best tutorials and is such a little sweetie pie if you haven't checked out her blog get on over there! Mitsue if you see this maybe you can tell me what I did wrong haha. (^o^)/

Zoya Anastasia

My Zoyas came in on Tuesday, I just have to say they shipped to me super fast! 2 days after getting the shipping confirmation.

So these are my first ever Zoya polishes, pretty excited to try them. I picked Anastasia because even just in the bottle I could see the fantastic other worldly gold shimmer. I think the formula is thicker than I expected, but it didn't cause any trouble. I really like the brush it covered a lot of nail, and the bottle is cute!

This is 3 coats with Seche Vite, all I can do is stare at the amazing shimmer on this! In average light the base looks almost dark burgundy with a red and gold shimmer. Sometimes it looks like milk chocolate with red shimmer, and in bright lighting it's a light purple base with tons of gold shimmer. Occasionally you see a fleck of green and blue mixed in there, this is really mesmerizing. I am so thrilled at my choice :)

Sadly my second bottle is Zoya Envy, I chose colors I normally wouldn't pick (no pinks lol) and I had no idea it was nearly identical to Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow. Envy is just slightly more olive green than HTAT, and of course the big difference is it's a creme. The shimmer in HTAT is so subtle that unless I jam my nails in front of your face you would never tell the finish difference. I really wanted Indigo too, sat there for a while debating between the two, woe is me! ;)

So anyways, I can't say they are dupes because one is a creme and the other a shimmer, but very close! Edit: I love Envy don't get me wrong, 2 perfect coats made it opaque.

OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow

Out of the 4 I own from this collection, this one I saved for last. I just knew this one was special. Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow is a deep almost gloomy green with a hidden surprise, shimmer! When I applied the first thin coat, it spread evenly (sheer) on my nail and looked like powdered green tea, the dark bitter kind. Second coat is opaque, it looks like algae or moss the kind you see clinging on to rocks in a pond or river. Lol can you tell I am just infatuated with this polish? I'm wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite, this is soooo dreamy!

This is very early morning sunlight so I was disappointed a bit but it does show the shimmer the inside shot does not. If you don't own this yet, what are you waiting for?!

Orly Prince Charming

Prince Charming is a darker brown creme. You guys have seen this color a billion times already I know, sorry! Oh I totally didn't buy this color because of the charm, really. No really. I'm wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite, Orly has a really nice formula so as usual it went on nice and smooth.

Well here is Jazzy this year, she loves to sleep in her little bed bed! She is the sweetest dog ever, tons of love and affection. She also likes to sleep in my spot on the bed, she actually lies down and uses my pillow under her head and hogs my side! She never takes Alex's side. So sometimes I crawl under the colors with half my body hanging out so Jasmine isn't disturbed... (^^;)

Picture Tag

Brooke and Nivipa tagged me for this!

The Rules:
1. Open your 1st photo folder
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

Sorry I'm late on this one. There's not much to tell, my 10th picture just happened to be one of my corgis as a puppy! I took a million photos so no surprise it's Jasmine :) Taken early 2006, she is soooooo chunky monkey right now lol your jaw would drop!

Okay so now I tag:
JOYCE (Yes in all caps)
Wish I could tag Lucy lol... hint hint

I'm late doing this so sorry if I double tagged.

I'm wearing Prince Charming right now!

OPI No Spain No Gain

No Spain No Gain is a purple creme I'm wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite, and is it wrong that I feel like I could just drink this up? So glossy! I don't have an outside shot because I decided to file my nails down while wearing this and wrecked the mani lol. My nails were driving me kabonkers! Couldn't type, couldn't text, open cabinets, zip my pants and picking my nose totally out of the question. Looking at this picture now I wish I waited 1 more day so I could wear Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow with long nails, bleh!

I'm playing Warhammer Dawn of War 2 and I just thought my guys name was funny. Ok I'm a weirdo. This is an okay RTS if you're into those, the maps get a little repetetive and tedious tho!

OPI Can You Tapas This?

Can You Tapas This? is red infused with chestnut brown. I always show Alex my nails as soon as I'm done and this time he said, "oh that looks like chocolate". Sometimes it does look like chocolate! This indoor shot failed again to show any brown whatsoever, I'm wondering if my Ott-Lite is the culprit. It has a super bright white light. I mean check out how it turns my skin pasty white compared to natural light. I vant to suck your blood...

The direct sunlight shot shows the ruddiness of this color, so there goes any shot at capturing brown. Now I'm wondering if it's my camera is to blame? Aaah! I first saw this color on Ybpolish, he has some nice swatches over there.

OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees

Okay okay, I could not resist this collection. I only got 4. :) Oh and Prince Charming (I totally blame the cute crown charm!).

My hand just gravitated towards this bottle without thought. It's dark like charcoal, and if you look closer in brighter lighting you realize that this color is blue. A dark, mysterious ashen blue. This is a creme formula with the slightest little bits of blue shimmer, hardly noticeable even in sunlight.

I love OPI brushes, but for some reason this one gave me some trouble. I just couldn't paint the sides of my nails with it, it was so weird. The formula was nice though and I am wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite.

I wore OPI DS Diamond for 3 days earlier this week (I know!), couldn't get around to taking pictures again until night time so only lamp and flash. This reminds me of ChG Visit Me In Prism it's a lavender base with finer glitter, I still need to take comparison shots!

Anyway this is a great holo, I wore Seche Vite on it since I knew I couldn't change it and it never chipped at all. I would just die of hapiness if the whole DS line landed in my lap. :D