Zoya Kotori

I was going to keep Anastasia on til tomorrow but I was all excited about Illamasqua's contest so I did some random painting on my nails for practice which of course wrecked my mani. I have a few ideas so far I hope it translates well enough onto my nails and I am able to actually do the painting.

Oh boy, how could a gradient attempt go oh so wrong? I gave it a good shot, still going to wear it since I love this color. Kotori is delicious bright blue/teal glitter swimming in a sheer black base. 5 coats at the tips and 2 at the cuticles. This is very sheer so I think at least 3 coats is a must, but so worth it. My pictures do not even do this color any justice, I am ashamed lol.

This is my third section, I started at the tips and worked my way up to the cuticle. After what you see here I painted 2 thin coats on the entire nail. I think I just picked a bad color. I used the method I saw at Mitsue's blog here (Mini Nail Blog). She has the best tutorials and is such a little sweetie pie if you haven't checked out her blog get on over there! Mitsue if you see this maybe you can tell me what I did wrong haha. (^o^)/


  1. i love the colour and i love the nail art u did that looks amazing,interesting colours gorjuz i love it


    I love sheer polishes now after my Midnight Blue Glitter. I'm loving Zoyas too although I found their brush to be a bit small that is of course after using OPI's ginormous prowide brushes :p

  3. Kotori is such a pretty shade. I think your gradient looks good. It's hit or miss every time I try and do one!

  4. I love this colour!!! Your gradient looks really pretty :)

  5. I like it! The gradient looks good to me. My attempts have been painful! I will check out Mitsue's blog too. I love Kotori though - very pretty shade :)

  6. Lovely polish and great job with the gradiation! I have tried it two times and miserabely failed. I have to try again soon.

  7. Skye:
    haha you're so sweet, thank you ;)

    lol thanks, I think the brush is small too but it's not that bad huh. but yeah the opi wide really spoils us :D

    Yah I'm glad I got 2 outta 3 right haha. Well not that I dislike Envy but you know. Yeah same here, I kind of want to try the graduation liquid but hard to come by.

    Thanks, I need to find a better color for this!

    thank you, that's just too kind haha. I never know what colors to use too. You will love her blog!

    thanks, I need more practice too!

  8. Hi Kae! Your nails are looking more and more gorgeous every time I see them. You have nothing to be ashamed about. The Kotori looks lovely on you. It's really a pretty shade. Love your gradient. You've done a lovely job and should be proud of it. Mitsue is one honey of a girl! She posts very helpful tutorials. Looking forward to more gradients from you.

  9. WOW! When I first saw the 2 pictures I thought they were 2 different looks! Seriously, even your "in the process" picture looks amazing! It's so rad...I would totally even wear that out! And of course, the end result is gorgeous as always :)

  10. That's a beautiful colour. I've been practising gradients myself but not managed anything good enough to show anyone yet.

    Out of everyone, I especially cannot wait to see your Illamasqua contest entry!

  11. Helen, me NEITHER, I'm so looking forward to what you will do, Kae! I'm super excited to see it. This color is stunning, and I think you did a good job ! A lot better than anything I would dare to show on camera, like, ever. :P To me it looks lovely - and I especially like the last pic, it shows the progress of it. Really neat!

  12. Hi Kae! I am trying to catch up on blogs and I noticed you changed your layout! Kotori looks amazing on you and I can't wait to see what you design for the Illamasqua competition either.

  13. Holy crap, that is gorgeous. I am in awe! I am still trying to work on not getting nail polish all over my cuticles and fingers :P

  14. i ordered this color too! what if you did it with a white base? im sure it would look better :D

  15. Hi Lucy,

    Thank you! You know, ever since Nicole put up your entry I am so curious how big your stash is!

    haha, it does look really different in the mid process pic. Thank you :)

    yeah its so pretty but so darn tricky!
    oh man what if mine bombs (and not the good way bomb lol).

    Oh man the pressure is on, I'm gonna draw stick figures. Thanks, but next time i will paint the whole nail with this color haha.

    Hi how have you been? Super busy bee! thank you I love this color!

    Hi thank you. I have been a silent member of abb for about 2 years! :D Nice thing about a little slip here and there is it usually washes off in the shower.

    Woo, you'll love it! Hm interesting, white on the whole nail as base? I might have to try that next time thanks!

  16. Hi Kae! I love this shade on you, and your gradient manicure looks great! I almost ordered this polish, now I'm so sad I didn't.

  17. So pretty! I think you helped me to pick my 3rd Zoya for the 3-Free Facebook campaign.


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