Gave myself a haircut!

I love my hair long, but I am losing tons of hair from postpartum hairloss and my son also loves my hair. As in swatting, grabbing and yanking on it.  I was aiming for a long bob but when I made my first cut I did it too short so it's a couple inches shorter than I had hoped.  My hair grows really fast so that's okay!

I bought some cheap hair shears from Amazon and just chopped it off.  I sectioned my hair on the sides separately so I could cut them at an angle.  The back section I cut right beneath the bottom hair tie.

It was really hard to trim up the back in a straight line, in fact it is still slightly longer on my right side but I rarely wear my hair down and straight so I gave up trying to fix it.  I also used thinning shears to thin out the back a bit.  If I didn't my hair would not lie flat in the back.

Seeing this in the sink gave me that what have I done feeling.

This is the first time I cut my hair from home with actual hair shears.  It made a huge difference! No more making multiple jagged cuts trying to go through my thick hair.  Definitely recommend buying a pair.  I got some cheap ones for about $12.

I like how I can put my curl cream in after my shower and I don't have to worry about styling my hair.  If I want it to look super nice I blow dry it straight and then curl it with a flat iron for more even looking curls.  It's still long enough to wear in a pony if I'm in a hurry.

Do you cut or trim your own hair?


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