Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em & Taboo

Moving on to the other holo in this collection, Love 'Em Leave 'Em is sort of peachy colored outdoors. I love it! When you go indoors and it goes into the holo non-blinding stage it looks light taupe. I am wearing a clear basecoat by Poshe, 2 coats of Love 'Em Leave 'Em (LELE?!) and no topcoat. Application was streaky and draggy first coat but like most all other holographics it went on perfectly the second coat.

I had a couple of requests for Taboo, it is from the mini Halloween/Fall collection this year called Master Of Disguise. I could not get this purple to show up, at all. I tried everything, what the heck! It is a dark purple base with blue and fuchsia glitter. I wish I could show you what it really looks like in person! Well you can see a little purple poking out, maybe another blogger that knows the secret to photographing purple will show you a good picture lol. ;(


  1. Both of these colors are stunning; I love the first one the most!

  2. give meee mustt haveeeeee lol gorjuz

  3. LELE!? :) Is my favourite today! What a pretty holo, I would so love to have a bottle to wear to work today! But both polishes gorgeous on you Kae <3 x

  4. These colors are so vibrant and beautiful!!! I'm so mesmerized! :D

  5. oooh i love them both! i haven't been able to find this collection anywhere :( where did you snag it??

    i love your long gorgeous nails <333

  6. gildedangel,
    yah me too! :D

    lol one can never have enough holos and glitters right?

    i wish I could get a bottle to you right now! :)

    lol yah it's stare stare stare in sunlight!

    color club sent me these. I know Nicole bought some from victoria nail suppy (correct me if I'm wrong) but some were sold out. I'm not sure where else to get, I'm sure that the big nail etailers will be getting them very soon!
    Thank you :))

  7. I love neutral holos. I don't know why I adore them so much. Love 'Em, Leave 'Em takes work appropriate to the disco.

    Taboo looks purple on my screen. I actually exclaimed: "Ooh, purple!". Then I read your text and was confused. Am I the only one who can see this? Maybe it's my super hero power that I see purple no matter how the camera reads it. ;)

  8. thanks for the Taboo swatch Kae :) It's just as lovely in the picture as it seemed to be in the bottle, your picture is fine because it still makes me want to buy it ^_^

  9. pinkginger,
    thanks ;)

    me too, but i guess i have to say I like them all!
    that is odd you see it purple, it looks blue on my lcd, my crt and my cell phone. so then I checked my husbands lcd and it was blue too! your monitor color must be calibrated differently :D

    yeah np, sorry i couldn't give you anything better ;=

    my pleasure! haha well as long as you know it's purple :)

  10. Oh baby, come to Mama! Hehe, I love these glitters. Your nails look amazing Kae. So beautiful. You'd be a perfect hand model. Your hands are so expressive.


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