OPI Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose

I cut my nails Monday, not down to the quick this time but no more nails bending in half!

I was wearing Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose earlier that day, it's from the Canada collection (lol am I Captain Obvious or what?) and it is a bright frosty berry color. It is so pretty in the bottle, you see deep gold shimmer throughout, and on the nails, nothing. Despite the lack of gold shimmer, it is very pretty. I would have worn this longer but after all the filing it chipped.

I wore China Glaze BFF yesterday with my shorter nails!

I haven't updated my blogroll in a while, I've bitten off more than I can chew I think. I can't keep up on my blogs lol. Well anyway if you'd like to be on my blogroll let me know! You can email me or leave a comment.


  1. Man, Kae, I am so far behind in commenting, I may never catch up. I have been just trying to keep up with the most recent posts and go backwards a tad! It gets a little crazy with all of my "subscriptions".
    The OPI is pretty, but that China Glaze blows it out of the water, it's really stunning!

  2. wow those look very pretty!! that hello kitty gommage was not that good?? that's too bad :/ I hoped that it was good :P

  3. They both lok gorgeous especially the OPI!Kae how can your nails are so beautiful???:)

  4. Nicole,
    yah I do the same, but when I have to stop and come back later to pick up where I left off, there's even more new posts and the endless cycle begins haha. I need to get the rest of the omg collection!

    Thank you! Oh I have never tried that hello kitty scrub you got, it looks very good! I was talking about my ramune haha. I have been thinking about drinking ramune and candy all day aah aah hara peko peko ^^;

    Aw, thank you ;)

  5. Both colours look gorgeous on you!

  6. Oh I love the China! It looks like it could blind people in the sun!

  7. Oh dear Kae, my purse is calling me again. And I am trying so hard :( I think I may need to visit Head-2-Toe Beauty for some of that China Glaze BFF but both colours are beautiful on you. I got scared when you said you had cut your nails! But they look just as lovely, even shorter <3 xx

  8. Those are both really nice polishes but I LOVE the BFF one!
    My blogroll is ridiculously long now as well. I just keep finding more and more blogs!
    I wish I could shape my nails like yours. I love them. I just don't seem to be able to do it!

  9. Kae, you remind me that I need to do a little light filing tonight. I also need to think about that box half full of untried holos. ;)

    BFF is super pretty! I think all that gold is doing something below the surface in Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose. It's has a lit from within quality.

  10. Pinkginger,
    Thank you!

    Violet! Haha I think it does!

    Thank you!

    Yeah ChG sure did something right with their holographics they are my favorite. Aww thanks, I like them long but they are so intrusive feels nice to keep them short too. :) ♥

    Haha yours too huh! It's a good thing I keep my nails painted 24/7 otherwise I would have round nails. I can't keep a corner they are so dry and brittle =x

    Ooh a holo would look great on you I bet, I'm always telling Helen to wear them lol.

  11. wow, I love the China Glaze BFF, it's sooooo preeeetttyyy, OMG i'm overacting ha ha ha, but how I wish we have that here in the Philippines...

    Now I am gonna paint me nails, I gave them a break for 2 weeks, just to let them breath... But after seeing your post, Oh my, I can't help my self...

  12. kae ur nails are amazing,i love these colours on you spicaially BFF thats going to be apart of my haul hehehhe i just bought it yesterday.

  13. I like the OPI but I LOVE BFF!!! And your nails are some of the most gorgeous ones I've seen. I'm sure some of it is just in your genes, but if you have ever posted any care tips, I'd love to know what you do!!

  14. kae!!! both look amazing on your nails! even your shorter nails look so elegant! :) i love the colors! like other people who commented, how do you keep them so healthy? i'm terrible at doing my nails and im tempted to buy those revlon self adhesive nails...is the glue really damaging?

  15. Tinedangganda,
    thanks, too bad they don't sell it there.. ;(
    Haha painting them is worth it I think!

    thank you! Oooh you won't regret your purchase it is awesome ;D

    I always thought I had kind of poopy nails. They are thin and brittle, bend in half (if not it just flies off broken) I have a lot of ridges and some grow crooked! I don't do anything in particular, I do take biotin, and I use Solar Oil. That's about it. When I file I see saw it ( I always read one direction but maaaan so lazy!) I use acetone remover and if it's peeling I pick it lol. aaah (^^;)

    hi I need to catch up on my reading soon :)
    Thank you! I really don't do anything but use cuticle oil and take biotin. Biotin really has done nothing for me except faster growth though. I always see those Revlon nails in blog reviews and I think they look fantastic! I want to try some too! As long as you remove them without peeling anything off, no damage to your nails. It will be tempting to pick off as you are soaking in acetone but if you do you will peel off some of your nails too! If you do get them I wanna see :D

  16. Well, darn girl! You have great products to hide all those flaws! LOL Seriously though, Thanks for sharing ;)

  17. Your nails look incredibly beautiful with that color on. The rose shade is gorgeous. I take biotin also. It's really helped me. I hadn't had any nail growth in a very long time. If it only does that I will still be happy. That holo is amazing. Love it.

  18. judy,
    hah! I do hide them well :)

    well thats great biotin is making them grow! I heard it works on hair too :D


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