OPI On The Same Paige

I spent an hour this morning doing a rough draft for my Illamasqua entry, and I figured out my nails are not long enough for the idea I had! Whaaaat you say? Well I was miffed so I took off my 50 coats of polish and put on On The Same Paige. It's a very reddish orange creme, the indoor shot was taken late June, check out those nubs! Indoors it looks very red, no? I don't think it suits my skintone.

So now do I scrap my idea or go with it anyway? I'm torn because it seems like a cool concept but if it doesn't even look the way it's supposed to whats the point? Oh decisions decisions.


  1. I like it on your skin tone! It looks like a pretty orange coral.

  2. Oh, that's weird - I've seen the bottle so I know it's more orange, but it definitely looks like a very orange red in this shot! LOL! However, I like it on you. I saw it in my dashboard and ooohed at it.
    As to your idea, can you work it out anyway on the shorter nails? I'm SUPER excited to see your art.

  3. Kalmo,
    Thank you! :)

    yeah its not as red as the seocnd pic shows, but more red than expected! I can do it with my current length it will just look weirder! I can always do TWO entries.... 0.0

  4. I love,love,love this polish! On the Same Pagie ended up being my favorite color. Out of this years brights collection. Which I totaly did not expect...lol! Is there any way to modify the design to fit your length of nails? Or would that ruin the effect?

  5. I like this on your skintone! And I can't wait to see what you do for that contest entry; I am sure that it will knock my socks off!

  6. Hi Kae - You can boo and hiss me if I suggest terribly but I was thinking is there any way of extending your nails - with falsies? I had a quick peek this morning at some falsies that came with a nail art kit and wondered if they mould to your nail shape is there away to bluetak or glue to your nail without having to cut a huge chunk of nail off when you are finished? You take brilliant photos so I was just wondering if you could provide an optical illustion but still work with the same concept? All too much trouble? xx <3

  7. PS. That was optical illusion - not what ever the heck optical illustion means? WTH? Typers dislexia. Sorry xx

  8. I think this looks very nice on you! ^^
    Such a cute mini bottle too.

  9. Shame I couldn't lend a hand. You could put 50 coats of polish on me. Why not? I could use up some of the polish that's all over my apartment. ;) I'm sure you'll work it out and create something beautiful for the entry.

    I am loving On the Same Paige. It looks like a deep coral on my monitor. I want to stamp some seahorses on it.

  10. Hello Kae!!
    I love all of your nail polishes!! You make me think that I should try more different colours! Your photos are so inspiring me!! Thank you so much for introducing so many different types of nail polishes!!
    I'm looking forward to the post about your lovely doggy(^-^)

  11. gorjuz kae,u make every colour look great

  12. Hi Velvet,
    Hah, yeah who would've thought an orange would be the winner?
    Well I think I'm going to have to modify to make it work. Oh dear, I totally Tim Gunned it! MAKE IT WORK. FABULOUSSSSSSSSS

    Thanks, aaah the pressure is mounting! :D

    I have no way to extend them even if I wanted to I dont think. I have a super crazy c-curve going on, the longer my nails get. I will have to snap a picture of it to show you! But I've decided to just go for it, the idea behind it will still be there, just not as dramatic looking -x

    lol, I type worse!

    thank you, I love mini anything!

    Lol I know, right? I wish I could! I'm not too fond of it yet, gonna leave it on til Saturday maybe it will grow on me.

    haha, thanks! ^^

    hi Mitsue!
    Thank you! I used to only have red and pink color but lately I try more colorful ones, it's pretty adventurous in my eyes. Thank you again for all your lovely comments! (^□^*)

    Aww thank you! You are just too nice :)

  13. Whoa now thats quite a color!

    i wish i was tan sometimes so i could pull off more bright, fun colors.

    Gorgeous nails as always hun

  14. Antonea,
    Haha a year ago I would have never bought an orange color, now I want more of them! I think if you want to wear it, you should (even minus a tan) :)

    Thanks so much for your comment.


  15. I don't have a color anything like that! (I'm cool-toned.) It's very exciting and you have such beautiful nails.

    I think you should go forward with your idea. It could be awesome and then you'll be glad you did. If it isn't, then you'll learn something that will aid you in your next design. :)

    And to respond to the comment you left me about Essie's "Matte About You," I know that matte is not for everyone, but maybe you'd like it in small doses? I was just thinking that it would be fun to apply a shiny creme and Konad stamp matte over it. (Either "Matte About You" for subtle stamping, or a colored matte if you wanted it to show up more.) That might be something you'd like? Zoya has some "Matte Velvets" that are not as flat as other mattes. They're softer looking, quite like velvet actually. Perhaps those might be more your style? "Posh" is a really pretty Matte Velvet that I like a lot.

    By the way, thank you so much for having me on your blogroll! I really appreciate that! :D

  16. One more thing, may I ask how you got your comments to be highlighted? I was looking for a code like that because I answer questions in my comments section and I wanted to draw a little attention to the answers. Please shaaaaare! I'll give you a cupcake if you do. :D

  17. Hi Asami,

    Thanks for your suggestion, I've decided to give it a shot anyway this weekend. :)

    I wouldn't mind just a matte topcoat so I can play around if I'm ever in the mood!

    I just love your blog so it's a must-have on the blogroll.

    Finally, here is how to setup the author comments:

    You do have to change the code and then pick your own background color. Some newer blogger templates come with author highlighted by default too!

  18. Hello darling, good to "see" you again :-) Sorry for missing so much....

    I love this color on you, it looks gorgeous !

  19. That's a beautiful color on you. I wish my real nubs were as short as yours!


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