OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow

Out of the 4 I own from this collection, this one I saved for last. I just knew this one was special. Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow is a deep almost gloomy green with a hidden surprise, shimmer! When I applied the first thin coat, it spread evenly (sheer) on my nail and looked like powdered green tea, the dark bitter kind. Second coat is opaque, it looks like algae or moss the kind you see clinging on to rocks in a pond or river. Lol can you tell I am just infatuated with this polish? I'm wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite, this is soooo dreamy!

This is very early morning sunlight so I was disappointed a bit but it does show the shimmer the inside shot does not. If you don't own this yet, what are you waiting for?!


  1. Super pretty!! I love the darkness of it.

  2. Oh, it looks like dark green glass. I could imagine the surface of a mythic pond would appear this way. Dreamy!

  3. That's so gorgeous! I saw it in the store and I thought about getting it but didn't. Now I HAVE to go get it!

  4. I love everything from the OPI Espana collection, so vampy and beautiful. You have great nails too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following!

  5. Oh I love it! I can't wait to get this polish. I'm also wanting the purple one too. That's from this collection.

  6. oh i simply adore this color *sigh* i just haven't gotten around to trying it yet! your nails look amaaaazing btw!

  7. Beeeyootiful. Hurry up and come to the UK! Most of our shops are still marketing South Beach. It's like living in the ark.

  8. This is such a pretty color it's one of my favs from the collection! It looks great on you!

  9. Hahaha, between you and Diana, your descriptions are killing me - in a good way, of course! I've got this on my list, as a matter of fact, it's the number one on this collection I must have! I'm on a polish cut back right now, so I'm waiting. ;)

  10. I ordered this one! When I first saw the name I thought "What does Lord of the Rings have to do with Spain?" Then I realized that it said "Aragon",not "Aragorn".Duh.Anyway,this colour looks really nice on you! Thanks for posting it!

  11. It reminds me of an emerald. It's extremely jewel like. It's probably just the way you wear it - elegant as ever! I am going to have a look at this collection if it is in where I am shopping tonight! Hope so!!

  12. It looks gorgeous in that top photo! Pretty much looks black in the bottom, though :(

  13. Brooke:
    Thanks, me too!

    Ah so true! And there would be unicorns there too yah

    Haha yes you must!

    I think I do too, I just love cremes. Thank you. :)
    I liked your blog!

    Yay! Oh yeah I was gonna get that but I have so many purples I got no spain no gain =x

    It is a must have green! Thank you :)

    lol you are just too hilarious!

    My favorite too! Thank you :)

    aaah, oh hey hey, you could throw it on your exchange list! ho ho ho

    Yay! lol that's too funny! Thanks :)

    Yeah the 4 I tried were all so glossy even without a tc, hope you find it tonight!

    Yeah usually it's the outdoor photo that is superior, but 8 am sunlight was too weak =x

  14. This looks gorgeous on you Kae! I picked this one up a few days ago along with Pamplona Purple. Can't wait to try them out now. :)

  15. This polish is calling my name.

  16. Hey, BTW I nominated you for an award over at my blog!

  17. Hi Wan! Long time no see, how goes? I can't wait to see the purple on you :)

    If you do get it you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you so much! ^^

  18. I'm hoping to order this very soon, as I have been waiting and waiting for a gorgeous dark green, and I have a fondness for the Aragons. Your nails are absolutely stunning with this color!

  19. Dawnflower:
    It's totally worth it! :) Thank you.

    thank you!! <3

  20. Very lovely on you. I hate when shimmers don't show up unless you have light shinning on them. Guess you have to travel with a head lamp on and shine it on your fingers. Gorgeous green.

  21. such a beautiful shade! i'm trying to grow my nails as longs as yours.

  22. Thank you for this post, I'm glad I Googled it. I couldn't really tell from OPI's site if it really was green. They just added it to their Axxium nail gel product, which love, and I was waiting for a green!



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