OPI Can You Tapas This?

Can You Tapas This? is red infused with chestnut brown. I always show Alex my nails as soon as I'm done and this time he said, "oh that looks like chocolate". Sometimes it does look like chocolate! This indoor shot failed again to show any brown whatsoever, I'm wondering if my Ott-Lite is the culprit. It has a super bright white light. I mean check out how it turns my skin pasty white compared to natural light. I vant to suck your blood...

The direct sunlight shot shows the ruddiness of this color, so there goes any shot at capturing brown. Now I'm wondering if it's my camera is to blame? Aaah! I first saw this color on Ybpolish, he has some nice swatches over there.


  1. this color is gorgeous, its so bold! :)


  2. kae ur going to send me broke,u swatches are gorjuz

  3. I love colors that can morph with lighting. Can You Tapas This? is winsome in every possible shade from chocolate to burgundy.

    When I tested the Ott light, I like what it did for the polish, but my skin tone looked washed out. I think I will be a vampire this winter ;)

  4. Love this shade on you - it reminds me of very expensive red wine. I had a look at this collection over the weekend. Can You Tapas This, Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow and Barefoot in Barcelona were the ones a picked up and stared at for 5 minutes and then put back. I am kicking myself now! :) xx

  5. Yep, this one is on my list too! I love it on you Kae, it looks so glossy and yummy. *lol* I'm reading the first of the Sookie Stackhouse books, so that vampire comment just made me giggle.

  6. ShoeBox Gal:
    Thank you :) You have a lot of shoes!

    Haha, at least you can say afterwards, well it was money well spent!

    Thanks. :)

    I like the brightness of it, I also have a halogen desk lamp I wonder how well that would work. lol

    Thanks! Aww well you can always go back if you change your mind!

    Thank you, the 3 I've tried so far are so super glossy (even before topcoat) I really want the rest lol. Aaah

  7. hey kae thanx for ur comment,i used a aussie brand polish,its called bys (be yourself)

  8. Kae, with each post I love the colors that you are chosing. Since I love dark colors, I would use this one on myself. :-)

  9. Skye: I posted in my reply up on the next post!

    Thank you :)

    Olivia C,

    Thank you!

  10. I picked this one up today, and my nails really do look like pieces of the most mouth watering chocolate ever! It's brown yet vampy!

  11. Another beauty on you. You are the sweetest person Kae. I really enjoy your blog and especially your postings. I think the best blogs have a mixture of nail polish and life. It's much more interesting.


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