Color Club On The Wild Side and Wild And Willing

I love all shiny things, including frosty metallics. Unfortunately I fail at anything that shows brushstrokes so I had to take off On The Wild Side right away, it drove me crazy. I enjoyed the color a lot, a gray metallic that I liked with my skintone. I am wearing 2 coats no topcoat. I let this one dry without Seche and dry time was average. Next time I will be more careful with the brushstrokes lol.

Wild And Willing is an amazing glittery duochrome bomb! This photo shows what you see most of the time, a coppery sparkle. Then it shimmers pink and green, which is barely visible on the bottle here.

Then it turns into golden glitter! I could not for the life of me get the gold shot besides in the bottle, this is my favorite form I must say. I am wearing 4 thin coats with Seche Vite in these pictures, but honestly I could have stopped at 3. I could not see a difference between 3 and 4.

I have been meaning to post about this I kept forgetting, but don't miss out on the Secret Santa exchange open to all nail polish bloggers (beauty bloggers too that sometimes do polish posts I think) CLICK HERE for details at Nicole's site. The signup deadline is September 14th! Chop chop.


  1. both very gorjuz colours,i love the gold its my fave

  2. love them both! I agree that brushstrokes are annoying, but it stil looks great on you. the wild and wiling is amazing... perfect!

  3. I really wanted that gold duochrome but right now it's sold out - I will have to wait! Haha, not feeling patient after seeing yours and Mary's swatches of it - utterly love it. I'm not keen on anything frosty or metallic because it tends to look like crud on me - but On The Wild Side is a lovely color, though.

  4. Hey there! Wild and Willing is certainly a glitter bomb! Lol! I love your description. I thought I'd like Wild Side better,but now I'm thinking that I like Wild and Willing more. Funny how that happens!

  5. I love how metallic the first one looks!

  6. Both colours look stunning on you-with or without brush strokes ha ha! That's one of the reasons why I don't wear frosties.Wild and Willing is my favourite of the two :)

  7. Beautiful! Wild and Willing was my favorite of these. It really surprised me with it's changing ability.

  8. Wild and Willing - I am wild and willing to try that on in all it's glittery goodness! Both are gorgeous on you Kae and I can't see the brushstokes, but I agree that is thing that drives me crazy too! Great posts again this week Kae, love your work and new profile pic - stunning lady <3

  9. haha sept 14th is my bday! and i love that first polish, sooo hot!

  10. skye,
    thanks, me too I think!

    yeah my hands aren't steady enough for the brushstrokes! wild and willing is pretty darn neat :)

    oh what a bummer, I hope osmeone gets it in soon!

    how is everything with your house? well I hope! lol yeah i do that sometimes too, end up liking the one polish you sort of snubbed from the get go.

    yeah it is super metallic! :D

    lol yeah I don't own many of those either. I'm sad i had to take off wild and willing to do my next swatch =x

    yeah I could see the duochrome in the bottle but really stunning on the nails. makes you stare at em!

    lol I am really sloppy painting!
    thank you, you are a cutie pie being so sweet! ♥♥

    haha happy almost birthday! thanks :)

  11. These two colors are interesting. Of course they look good on you. I hate brush strokes too!

  12. I love these colors! Wild and Willing is gorgeous and so unique from what's been put out for fall, as with the Wild Side too!!!! They look nice on you!

  13. Wild and Willing is stunning on you. That's really a different color because of the pink flash. I don't mind brush strokes at all. I really can't see that it's bad on you.

  14. I just got to get wild and willing! My gosh, what a nice duochrome!

  15. These colors are stunning !! On The Wild Side is absolutely amazing, but I can see from the brushstrokes how its metalic finish make it harder to apply - even though, it is so beautiful that I think I'll have to get it :-)

  16. Denny,
    lol thanks, yeah down with dbrushstrokes!

    Me too, I love their entire fall collection! thanks :)

    yeah really different duochrome for fall. aww that's so nice of you to say :)

    It is amazing! you wont regret it :)

    yeah I love on the wild side but you have to be good at putting it on lol w hich I'm not!


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