Orly Dance Til Dawn and colored contacts

I found this on clearance at a local beauty supply so I got it. I am so glad I did! It's a super pale lilac creme, it needed 3 coats and it was soooo watery. I regret nothing! I don't get the name tho, this isn't what I'd wear if I was going to dance til dawn...

I usually wear glasses but when I wear contacts I wear colored ones. I think they are super fun to wear. Well I have beady little almost black eyes so its fun for me lol. I wore my green ones yesterday. I also own blue ones. Someday I want to try some circle lenses, they look so cute! Oh yeah, it's hard to put them in and take out because of my long square nails, I stabbed my eyeball yesterday!


  1. I used to have some blue colored contacts a long time ago. Love the polish you got, it looks really pretty!

  2. That polish is very pretty! For contacts, I try to take contacts out with the sides of my index finger and thumb so that I don't poke my eye out!

  3. This is a really nice colour on you! The contacts look great as well-my eyes are beady and almost black too (lol!) so it's fun to change it up once in a while!

  4. Oooh, that green is so darned cool! It's mesmerizing. Your eyes are pretty!
    That polish is too - it kind of reminds me of the one light purple I have, OPI Done Out In Deco.

  5. Beautiful shade of polish! Your eyes look very pretty, although I'm sure they're pretty in their natural state also! Circle lenses do look fun, like doll eyes :)

  6. Ooooooo. I bet That is Hard. Ow. I waer Contact Myself, But I am scared To Grow My nails Because Of the Pokey-Teary thing i would be in. And And the Lady Told I could rip the contacts. Wow, this is one long comment for just contaacts. LOL

  7. LOL! No, I wouldn't wear that colour if I was dancing 'til dawn either! But it is a beautiful shade! Love those contacts too, they look great! I am extremely envious of your gorgeous skin Kae - it's flawless! xx

  8. You don't have beady eyes :P Circle lenses are cute, but I heard that they hurt?

    Eric updated Toof blog. It's... >_> <_<

  9. noooo kae!!!! your eyes are gorgeous! :) they look so natural on you!

  10. You looked gorgeous with your green contacts. You don't have beady eyes! Be careful and try that side of the fingers method. Love that color of polish on you. Pretty!

  11. I love the green contacts! And the polish is purty!!! The night I took my acrylic nails off, taking out my contacts was so much easier because my nails were stubby :)

  12. I am pretty new to wearing contacts as well and it took me A LONG TIME to get used to taking the lense off of my eye w/o pinching my eyeball. Glad I've gotten used to it. Btw, nice shade (as always).

  13. Brooke,
    Thank you :)

    Thanks, yeah I had to invent a new method for my long nails lol.

    Thank you, lol you too huh! Yeah I want some greys now ^^

    Thanks, I like them because they look natural, the blue ones is very obvious fake looking. hmm I dont have that shade, can never get enough purples tho!

    thank you, mine are pretty dark you need to shine a light in my eye to see where my pupil starts =x

    yeah much safer with shorter nails :)

    thanks! it's kind of addicting. Oh well I am wearing a ton of makeup, no joke.

    oh man i should get those pics from mum with all our eyes and make 1 big picture, just to see them. I'll have to check out THE TOOF BLOG later today!

    thanks, the dark shades do look natural (acuvue 2 opaques)

    Thank you, well sometimes i can't pick small stuff up like my bobby pins and it's aggravating. but most part you really get used to it!

    aww thank you. I do too! yeah it hurt scratching my eye =x

    thank you, yeah i might wear mine more than twice a month if i ever cut my nails!

    yes, the learning curve is pretty steep! i was so flustered because they are watching you like a hawk while you take them in and out the first time at the optomitrist lol. now i can touch my eyeball and not even blink, weird

  14. I love pastel purple! And you look so cute!

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