OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees

Okay okay, I could not resist this collection. I only got 4. :) Oh and Prince Charming (I totally blame the cute crown charm!).

My hand just gravitated towards this bottle without thought. It's dark like charcoal, and if you look closer in brighter lighting you realize that this color is blue. A dark, mysterious ashen blue. This is a creme formula with the slightest little bits of blue shimmer, hardly noticeable even in sunlight.

I love OPI brushes, but for some reason this one gave me some trouble. I just couldn't paint the sides of my nails with it, it was so weird. The formula was nice though and I am wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite.

I wore OPI DS Diamond for 3 days earlier this week (I know!), couldn't get around to taking pictures again until night time so only lamp and flash. This reminds me of ChG Visit Me In Prism it's a lavender base with finer glitter, I still need to take comparison shots!

Anyway this is a great holo, I wore Seche Vite on it since I knew I couldn't change it and it never chipped at all. I would just die of hapiness if the whole DS line landed in my lap. :D


  1. I would die of happiness too! I can't seem to get enough of them. I stare at the pretty bottles all the time. Of course it looks fantastic on you!
    As to Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees - Oh, heck yeah. I have to have that! I think I'm actually going to have to have a bunch of this collection. Hopefully I can resist a few of them! It looks great, and of course right up my alley.

  2. The OPI color is def. pretty! It looks awesome, sort of like it looks matte and shiny at the same time in the first pic.

    Good luck on those OPI DS's falling in your lap :)

  3. Hi Nicole!
    It was hard to only get 4 lol. I know you would love all the dark colors from this collection! I stare at the ds bottles too! Darn you shiny silver handles.

    thanks, I adore this shade in particular so much!


  4. This is on my list! It looks great on you.

  5. I love this dramatic look :-)

  6. That's one I want from that collection and thanks for showing it. It just makes me want it more! Your DS polish is lovely, I haven't tried one yet that I didn't love.

  7. I think I want almost the whole collection. This one is at the top of my list. It is so beautiful. Your nails are so amazing. You could be a hand model. That color is so so lovely. I must have it!

  8. Gorgeous! I'm glad I bought the Suzi Skis today!

  9. i love them both they both look gorjuz,i like the first one so vampish just gojruz

  10. I have to admit, this collection wasn't exactly calling to me, but that color is *gorgeous* on you!

  11. I've been wanting to see both of these swatched by you and what do you know - like magic it happens! And this makes me want and wish.....again.... sigh.....

  12. Suzi Skis is the one I really want from that collection. Sadly we're usually about two months behind on polish releases so I'll have to make do with looking at your gorgeous pictures til then.

  13. wow your nails are gorgeous!!! And I want that HK credit card too! haha I always think about it!

  14. Pinkginger:
    Yes you must get it! Thank you :)

    Thanks :D

    I think this might be my favorite one from this collection, but I have the others to try so I can't jump the gun just yet. thanks, i love all ds's too!

    Hi! Yeah I don't blame you this collection is amazing! lol I have gigantic knuckles you never see! Thanks for your sweet compliment :)

    Yay, did you get any others?

    Thank you ♥

    Thank you! :D

    Aww, how long does it take to get a collection over there?

    Oh poo, well at least you'll have it eventually yah? Are you gonna get any others? I'm tempted to get a couple more aah.

    Hi DSK!
    Thank you, oh yes you should definitely get a HK card haha.

  15. I'm new to your blog and I love it, I've added a link on my blog (I welcome any return link love! LOL) Anyway, Suzi Skis...I love that color and I can't wait to make it mine!

  16. That one is on my wishlist for that collection, your pictures are great they make the polish look perfect, now I *need* to make it mine :)

  17. Beautyjudy,
    Thanks, added you as well. A must have for sure :)

    It's really awesome! Thank you :)

  18. I love OPI's brushes too, the wide ones. DS Diamond is so pretty!

  19. Oh damn, I may have to go pick this one up too. Even though i already have 3 from the collection!


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