French manicure

Ever since I saw Danielle's french mani the other day, I've been wanting to try something similar. I wish I had picked some colors instead of boring black and white! Oh she also did a cute one today too, I like hers better :)

My weapons of choice: LA Colors Art Deco polish.

I didn't think to take pictures during until I was working on my right hand, so it's not as good looking. I did an offset chevron so I paint a dot on the side and use that as my center guide. I'm wearing 2 streaky coats of Essie Glamour Do, I got a couple of Sinful Colors yesterday one was a sheer pink I should've used that!

I used my white LA colors art polish it is a striper brush so super easy to draw the lines and fill in.

I forgot a step, but then I used my black art polish and made 2 brushstrokes going down, crisscrossing each other. Then I painted some dots on ring and thumbs using acrylic paint. Check out my super ghetto pack of paint lol it's all dried up I need to buy the big bottle soon! YES, that is a Strongbad coaster! We got free coasters with an order I made years ago lol. Also came with pink Homestar Runner ones, so cute!

Okay so you draw your dot dot dot with acrylic paint, I also added an extra stripe on the dotted fingers. I missed a step again! I put 1 silver bullion on each nail after this. Looking at it now, the bullion was out of place and weird, oh well!

The end.


  1. This is a gorgeous French manicure!! Love it!

  2. That's so pretty! I love this!

  3. Very nice, you are very talented!

  4. Oh Kae! I love it and I love the fact that you've used black and white. It looks bold and makes a statement. The ring finger and thumb are my favourite design and remind me of old world dresses and corsets. Love love love - will definitely give this manicure a test run xx

  5. That is such a unique take on a French mani. I love it!

  6. i loveeeeeeeee i must try this

  7. omg...that's the most chic french mani i've seen so far! LOVE never cease to amaze me with your skills Kae! hehe and thanks for the awesome feedback! i tottally im only going to make videos during the day (natural sunlight)...hehe so a short 2nd video is up. :D

  8. Beautyjudy:
    Thank you so much :)


    Thank you!

    Thank you :D

    Thanks, I really liked yours better! ♥

    Thank you! Man I am such a broken record today lol.

    Thank you :)

    Thanks, I know you would do an awesome one!

    Wasn't it? If you use a nail art polish with a striping brush it is surprisingly easy to make lines, I never knew until I bought mine from the Dollar Tree! Thank you :)

    Aww thank you. Ooh another video I'll check it out later today!

    Thank you :)

  9. Just a gorgeous manicure. I love your designs. Your so neat and sweet!

  10. You should do mani like this more often, looks pretty on you !

  11. You're so talented and I love your design!

  12. Lucy,
    thank you! Likewise :D

    welcome back! Thank you :)

    thank you! :)


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