Orly Prince Charming

Prince Charming is a darker brown creme. You guys have seen this color a billion times already I know, sorry! Oh I totally didn't buy this color because of the charm, really. No really. I'm wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite, Orly has a really nice formula so as usual it went on nice and smooth.

Well here is Jazzy this year, she loves to sleep in her little bed bed! She is the sweetest dog ever, tons of love and affection. She also likes to sleep in my spot on the bed, she actually lies down and uses my pillow under her head and hogs my side! She never takes Alex's side. So sometimes I crawl under the colors with half my body hanging out so Jasmine isn't disturbed... (^^;)


  1. omg!! your dog is so cute!!! i love that color by the way...hehe and the charm is a bonus :)

  2. Your dog is adorable! This is a really pretty color, I love brown nail polish!

  3. awwww ur dog is s0o0o0o0 cuteeeeee lol @ takin over ur bed =p and i love this colour im dying to get it its gorjuz

  4. Jasmine! LOL what a sweetheart. I've heard when pets lie like she is they are content, happy and safe. My cat Gustav lies like that ALL the time, usually behind me when I am in the kitchen - I hope it's true and they really are both happy and content!

    Interesting colour! I quite like it and the charm definitely would have done it for me!! :)

  5. I love this color on you. jasmine is so cute :-)

  6. Hi Kae,

    I'm new to your blog but I'm a total nail addict and I love your swatches! Thanks for providing your readers with the latest nail polish collection pictures. Prince Charming is gorgeous on you, I really want to buy the entire Orly Fairy Tale Collection now. XD I just followed you so please expect more comments from me in the future, I look forward to more of your updates. :)

    If you have time, please visit my blog at:
    Thanks! If not that's fine too. XD

  7. Jazzy is adorable, she's not too chubby! I love Prince Charming and it looks fantastic on you! And yes, you did but it for the charm :)

  8. Tammi:
    lol thank you, I think she's cute too! :D :D

    Thank you, yeah I'm starting to like browns too!

    haha yeah she's a little rascal! can you get Orly in Aus?

    haha, I thought she does that because her back fat/rolls (alex calls it her pack of 'hot dogs' lol gross I know) is comfy to sleep on! I like your explanation better =x
    Yes they got me with the charm!

    Thank you, she is my little baby!

    Hi there, thanks for checking out my blog and your nice comment :)

    I am quite jealous of your HK ring! I just love all your polish lined up on your baseboard lol, very cool.

    Oh man you are just too kind! She is a fatso! Well most adult corgis I see tho are on the hefty side, they are the type of dogs you have to feed rations to since they will eat themselves silly. More to love right? lol

    Thanks, I swear the charms have some voodoo magic on it to make me buy...

  9. Hey-----how come my bottle didn't have that awesome charm on it??

    Love the doggy pics! Dinky is bad about stealing my pillow too, but at least she is tiny enough that she doesn't take up too much room. If it's really cold she will sleep under my pillow! I don't know how she doesn't get mooshed!

  10. Hi Brooke! You got ripped off missy =x

    Does Dinky like to cuddle with you? I wish mine would cuddle instead of fighting me for sitting/sleeping territory lol. Corgis have double coats so they are super toasty.

  11. Lol...Ya sure! You didn't buy it because of that princess crown...no, not at all...lol! Every princess needs a crown though...lol! That's why I needed that polish...hahaha. This color looks awesome on you.

  12. Hahaha, you didn't like that crown at all, did you? I love Prince Charming! Of course. I raved about it enough. It looks great on you of course!
    Oh my goodness, Jazzy is so cute! I love that she sleeps like that, she's obviously super comfortable and very happy. I don't think she looks too chubby, she looks about normal in comparison to most pics I've seen of Corgis!

  13. OoOoo...this color is sublte yet sensual.

  14. madly in love with this color - haven't seen the polish with a charm anywhere around me!

  15. I love Jazzy and the positions she sleeps in. When I had dogs they would do the same thing. I'd be on the edge of the bed and the dogs are all stretched out and comfy. Prince Charming looks gorgeous on you. The charm is adorable. I think the charms alone do it for me.


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