OPI No Spain No Gain

No Spain No Gain is a purple creme I'm wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite, and is it wrong that I feel like I could just drink this up? So glossy! I don't have an outside shot because I decided to file my nails down while wearing this and wrecked the mani lol. My nails were driving me kabonkers! Couldn't type, couldn't text, open cabinets, zip my pants and picking my nose totally out of the question. Looking at this picture now I wish I waited 1 more day so I could wear Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow with long nails, bleh!

I'm playing Warhammer Dawn of War 2 and I just thought my guys name was funny. Ok I'm a weirdo. This is an okay RTS if you're into those, the maps get a little repetetive and tedious tho!


  1. love this colour,kae kae kae such great taste! And i so get where ur comming from with the nose thing hehehe and that game looks like fun my hubbi is totally addicted to call of duty..

  2. I didn't pick this one up because of the other pink/purples in the collection, but seeing your swatch makes me wish I had! I can always go back to the store! :)

  3. Shaminista:
    Thank you :)

    Thanks for coming back to my blog to tell me what glitter you wore! lol you too eh ;0
    I think call of duty is popular but I kept dying on my wii version so I gave up!

    Yeah I skipped on the pinks because even tho it's one of my favorite colors, I havee SO many pinks (and reds lol)!

  4. Oooh this plum color is screamin' my name! I wish I could get into video games a little bit more than I do. I'm planning to buy my 9 yr old son a wii for Christmas. Maybe I'll change my ways then. lol

  5. This color is so delicious! haha..
    Maybe i should get more creme nail polish~ :)

  6. KAE! I'm really loving that purple on you! I think I bought that colour too but I'm not quite sure.. My room is full of nail polishes!
    HAHAH MR. MISTER you crack me up!
    My boyfriend was playing DOTA again and it reminded me of you :)

  7. Ooooh, what a stunner. Yep, gotta have this one too. I'm so in love with this collection!
    Haha, your guy reminds me of that eighties group! Mr. Mister! I loved them. We sang Kyrie for choir one year. Haha, our choir director was progressive.

  8. That color is so pretty! I have to go check it out now!

  9. ...and now I have to add this to my list too :) Thanks Kae!It looks great on you.

  10. Kae, please don't swatch any more!! It's just not fair, you can't have it all. You can't be a lovely person, take great pictures and have beautiful nails as well! ;) LOL!!

    I know I keep repeating myself but I am speaking the truth. I love this polish and can't wait to see Here today..... Aragon tomorrow! :)

  11. Denny:
    The Wii is super fun for everyone, I think you will like it! (beware of Wii tennis tho, your arm might fall off from too much play)

    haha thanks, I just love cremes!

    Thank you! Man you got so much polish no wonder you can't remember! mr. mister makes me think of happy gilmore.

    Yeah me too, I want mooooore! lol, I've never heard of them =x

    I agree! This collection has a lot of pretty pinks and purples.

    Thank you :)

    well I only have 1 more polish to go! Thank you for your nice compliment :)

  12. Hello, I hope you don't mind but I added you on my blog. =)

  13. Kae, I love your writing style!! hehe ur so funny :P and I love this color!! BTW, I think I fixed my feed issue..shoutout to you! :)

  14. Before all other things, I have to tell you that your nails and pictures are GORGEOUS !!

    And now I can say that I love this color and I see I must get some from this collection :-)

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous: the nails (but being totally unable to handle long nails -for now my excuse is having a newborn at home- I understand your nedd to file them), the color, the finish the glossiness...gahhh I'm drooling ^_^

  16. Hi Tammi!
    Haha, what writing style?! ;x
    Thanks I really like this one too, I wonder what was wrong with it but refollowing worked so maybe I was being dumb. Your weekend in the bay area looked so fun (and delicious)

    Thank you so much :) I love it too, great collection!

    Thank you, ooh congratulations on your new addition!
    Haha I agree :)

  17. I totally understand what you mean about having long manicured nails! Love the names of the nail polish =) What a fun job to have dreaming up names!

  18. Random blog of:
    Sorry I totally missed replying to your post! Thank you for adding me :)

    Haha me too, I enjoy the names but I dont think I could ever think of any!

  19. No Spain No Gain is such a beautiful purple. I hope I have nothing like it. It's very annoying when I get the polish and I have something very like it. When I order this polish I will call it the Kae nose picking color! HaHa you are so funny!


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