OPI Holiday Glow & Fridge Tag

I'm wearing 3 coats with a coat of SV. Sorry for the tip shrinkage I washed my hands a lot the day before.

You can really see the brown tones under the Ott-Lite here. It definitely looks much darker in person (like in the above flash pic lol). I also got this out of that 3.75 clearance bin, I guess this is soooo 2009, pfft! I really wanted to get Smitten with Mittens I think is called but haven't seen it anywhere in town yet.

Soooo Nicole from Magic Maid tagged me with What's in your fridge. I was so excited because I had the funniest magnet to show you! Can you spot the funny magnet?

So here is my fridge, it's nothing special, hummmm you can tell we like take out lol. It's kind of embarassing so please forget the clutter of menus and coupons!

I think the Pizza Hut in Anchorage mailed these out in 1999. I'm not sure if they sent it or they paid for the other side of the advertising (the back is the pizza hut #) or not but clearly the winner is this y2k hotline! Okay so am I the only one that finds this magnet pretty funny? Thanks Nicole that was fun lol.

Shayla - I tag you!

OPI Glamour Game

3 coats with 1 SV. My Ott-Lite picture looks bad!

A little better, this has tiny glitter flecks that I like. It was a little too sheer for me you can still see NL after 3 coats but I did enjoy the color so I guess that evens it out. When I went to Bath and Body Works the lady working in there complimented me on this mani it made my day! :) Have a great weekend everyone!

OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake

I picked this up along with the other 2 nude colors from the Japanese Collection and my eyes told me to try this one first! This needed 3 coats it was pretty streaky and thin, I topped it off with none other than a coat of Seche Vite.

I love this color, it's so delicate and it makes my hands feel prettier lol.

So I haven't konaded in a while, I only own 4 plates and I've used all the patterns already so I got a little bored but I sure miss stamping! Lol you can see that I'm rusty, I stamped the flowers first and I meant to be random, but after doing 4 fingers I realized it was all identical! So then I thought, ok I will put a black flower here and there... I stamped my pinky and realized I stamped again the exact spot and position. Major facepalm here. So the rest of my fingers I threw in another black image. Now I'm kind of rambling but when you see this in person it doesn't look as bad since it's not so up close and in your face, I promise.

This is a bottle shot of the flower color, it's one of my frankens I've been working on recently. It doesn't have a name atm but it turned out ok!

How my bare nails are doing

After the whitening gel debacle I had to buff my nails because the way it was chipping and flaking off totally wrecked them! I had layers that ripped and peeled off with it. You can still see the dents and scratches from it, awful.

Since then I've chopped off most of the stained nail parts and I have also switched basecoats. I am trying Nail Life Gripper Basecoat and it's been all right so far. I don't know if it's helped prevent new staining or not but it is nice to see non orange fingernails for once lol. Sometimes I think my new basecoat makes my polish chip sooner, but then the next color I wear it lasts fine. So perhaps it's all in my mind. I used to wear Seche Base and Seche Clear for my basecoats. I think I wore those for 10 months straight. Venturing out and trying a new bc is quite adventurous for me!

This was taken just a few days ago with only the Nail Life basecoat on. They look like each nail is a different length and all weird, but they are all the same! Well my pinky is a tiny bit shorter, but once I put on polish it's all even. Like an optical illusion.

Have a great day.

Jessica Mauboy I

Another beautiful polish I received from Nixxy is Jessica Mauboy I by Bloom. It is such a gorgeous red, in the bottle there is a lot of gold and pinkish micro glitter that doesn't quite show up on the nail.

This is 3 coats with a coat of SV. I just love this bottle, I guess I like square bottles!

SH Opulent Cloud

3 coats with a coat of SV. I was never interested in this because I enjoyed Mr. Wrong tremendously. I know Mr. Wrong wasn't a dupe but it had the simliar golden shimmer effect and I liked how it sparkled. I went to CVS and this was 50% off lol so I snagged the last one. I wore this for 6 days and finally got a chip on day 6, that is pretty good! Opulent Cloud grew on me, I would like to try this layered over other colors!

OPI My Private Jet

Just a quickie this morning! I found My Private Jet in a clearance bin full of other OPI at a local beauty supply store. It was the only one sitting on top, I could see the rainbow goodness glittering at me from afar. I took a deep breath, and then grabbed it lol. I've never seen MPJ in person and wow, it is stunning. I was sad when I took this off last week.

My non flash picture came out really terrible so here it is with flash, 3 coats and 1 SV. I definitely plan on wearing this again soon. Oh in case you were wondering it was $3.75. Have a great weekend!

Nail Bright Whitening Gel

Sometime before Christmas Sally's was having free shipping on any order so I thought I would try a nail whitening product. I randomly chose a bottle called Nail Bright Whitening Gel. My nails are embarrassing, they go beyond yellow and are a dingy orange shade lol. I never wear sheers because of the staining. Well that and my smile lines are all different on each nail.

A flash shot of nothing on my nails before applying Nail Bright. This is actually a flattering shot of them because of the bright flash haha.

Here they are right after applying 2 coats. The instructions say to apply a new coat ever day for 14 days.

I did try to take lots of pictures but this was when I was really sick and I did not get to put on new coats here and there but for the most part I stuck with it. So this is the halfway point for me (I stopped after 10 or 11 days). I had a huge problem with this gel! It applied like any other clearcoat, but when it comes to removal, it was like trying to take off fake nails applied with glue. It was so difficult to remove I remember the second day spending almost 20 minutes trying to take my 2 coats off.

I believe I went 11 days only because I couldn't deal with removing this from my nails on day 10 lol. Not only was this insanely difficult to remove, it also cracked and chipped off my nails like crazy. Not just small chips at the tips of my nails, but all over my entire nail. In this shot I had put another coat over all my cracks for the picture (gah another layer to remove!). This dimmer lighting is very accurate color-wise. Very very dingy orange!

Anyway, after 10 days I saw no difference whatsoever to my nails and the pain and suffering I have to endure just to apply a new coat made me stop 4 days early. If you are looking for something to whiten your nails, I would not suggest this one.

Gift Exchange

Gah I'm so behind on everything! How was your week? I am sure glad it's Friday haha.

I also participated in the nail polish secret santa hosted by Nicole. I received my package from
Nikki at Nikki's Nails!

The card is so cute! I am pretty sure it was handmade. Nikki sent me NYC in some pink color, I couldn't find a name just a number, 233. It looks like it might have a blueish flash to it! Colorama in Candy Apple, this looks like candy for sure. In the back is Color Club Pure Energy, and OPI Golden Rainbow. All of these are amazing thank you so much Nikki I love them! You can see her blog here. She has quite a collection!

This is 3 coats of Pure Energy with a coat of SV. Amazing color! It isn't this dark in real life but so bright and vivid.

I made this my NYE mani, 1 coat of Golden Rainbow over PE. Gave me some tip shrinkage tho, but it looked like little disco balls, perfect!