SH Opulent Cloud

3 coats with a coat of SV. I was never interested in this because I enjoyed Mr. Wrong tremendously. I know Mr. Wrong wasn't a dupe but it had the simliar golden shimmer effect and I liked how it sparkled. I went to CVS and this was 50% off lol so I snagged the last one. I wore this for 6 days and finally got a chip on day 6, that is pretty good! Opulent Cloud grew on me, I would like to try this layered over other colors!


  1. It looks wonderful on you!
    Between this and Mr. Wrong, I think I prefer Mr. Wrong, although the purple tones don't come out on my skin tone at all =(

  2. This is an awesome polish that I totally love. I think it is quite unique, since the base tone is this cool, lilac-grey metallic gets all warmed up with the golden duochrome shine. Simply awesome!

  3. I love this polish! It looks great on you too! I love how it looks positively gold in some lights and blue-ish in others. Hot!

  4. You know, this is one of those ones that I hesitated on too - but I snagged it and fell in love with it. Glad I didn't sleep on it, and miss out!
    It looks lovely on you.

  5. Claudia - Thank you! Haha yeah same here, I just love purples!

    Gildedangel - Thanks! :)

    Jessica - Thank you :)

    Charis - I agree, totally unique I don't regret picking it up!

    Musicalhouses - Thank you! it's hot and cold at the same time!

    Nicole - hey hey! Lol if this wasn't half off I dont think I would have given it a shot I'm glad it was because it is really pretty. :)

  6. Wow, 6 days ! That's impressive. This is a beautiful color :-)

  7. Aww, you have both Mr. Wong and OC now, so lucky

  8. This looks beautiful on you. Niki sent me this polish. I could never find it. She was a real sweetheart for doing that. I have to try it. It looks beautiful on you. Six days is fantastic wear for polish. I hope mine lasts as long.


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