OPI Holiday Glow & Fridge Tag

I'm wearing 3 coats with a coat of SV. Sorry for the tip shrinkage I washed my hands a lot the day before.

You can really see the brown tones under the Ott-Lite here. It definitely looks much darker in person (like in the above flash pic lol). I also got this out of that 3.75 clearance bin, I guess this is soooo 2009, pfft! I really wanted to get Smitten with Mittens I think is called but haven't seen it anywhere in town yet.

Soooo Nicole from Magic Maid tagged me with What's in your fridge. I was so excited because I had the funniest magnet to show you! Can you spot the funny magnet?

So here is my fridge, it's nothing special, hummmm you can tell we like take out lol. It's kind of embarassing so please forget the clutter of menus and coupons!

I think the Pizza Hut in Anchorage mailed these out in 1999. I'm not sure if they sent it or they paid for the other side of the advertising (the back is the pizza hut #) or not but clearly the winner is this y2k hotline! Okay so am I the only one that finds this magnet pretty funny? Thanks Nicole that was fun lol.

Shayla - I tag you!


  1. Great polish, and I love how your fridge looks!

  2. Hah super cool with the y2k magnet :D and love that color.. Im not into browns but you made this look so nice ;D

  3. Hahaha, Y2K hotline! That's AWESOME. It's even more awesome you still have it! Rocks.
    I love this color Kae, it was so pretty I accidentally bought two of them. Haha. I haven't seen Smitten With Mittens anywhere either.

  4. Lol, thanks for the tagm Kae! I'll see if I can get this done tonight :)

    The polish is pretty, and I love the Y2K magnet. It makes me remember all the craziness surrounding the new millennium - I think some people thought the world was going to explode.

  5. Pretty nail polish! I have lots of menus on my fridge too and LOL at that Y2K magnet!

  6. Love this color on you. Funny magnet! I so remember 1999 new years eve. I was pregnant,my daughter was born in June 2000. And I was so worried with what might happen when 2000 rolled around....lol....so silly of me!

  7. Kae, I've also bought Holiday Glow, but have not used it yet. I'm glad I went back to the shops and got the last bottle of Smitten With Mittens. My collegues wanted it for Christmas but can't find it anymore! I've thought of a new nail art design to go with Holiday Glow. It'll be my project this weekend :) hehe

  8. Gildedangel - lol thank you

    Rijah - thanks! I'm glad I kept the magnet lol

    Nicole - haha yeah I'm gonna keep it forever! I love it too, well good luck to both of us finding Smittens!

    Shayla - lol lots of good food comes out of your fridge I had to do it! Yeah people buying months supply of food and water and the computers all not working anymore, crazy!

    Kalmo - Hi! Thank you, haha I bet you have lots of menus! :)

    Velvet - Thanks! lol a lot of people really freaked out over y2k. Aww what a sweet memory to have tho! :)

    Jin - ooh I can't wait to see your design with holiday glow! :)

  9. That is a funny magnet, haha. I like your swatch of this, I never liked it really before I saw yours.

  10. y2k hotline...that's pretty funny :-) I used to have a toy ladybug that said "millenium bug" on it's back ;-)
    BTW OPI Holiday Glow looks just lovely on your nails! Sadly it wouldn't work with my skintone, cruel world...

  11. that magnet is HILARIOUS! i remember how nervous everyone was!

    i LOVE holiday glow...stunning!

    i nominated you for a best nail-blogger award!

  12. This looks really pretty on you. Don't make me buy it! You really keep your magnets awhile.


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