Nail Bright Whitening Gel

Sometime before Christmas Sally's was having free shipping on any order so I thought I would try a nail whitening product. I randomly chose a bottle called Nail Bright Whitening Gel. My nails are embarrassing, they go beyond yellow and are a dingy orange shade lol. I never wear sheers because of the staining. Well that and my smile lines are all different on each nail.

A flash shot of nothing on my nails before applying Nail Bright. This is actually a flattering shot of them because of the bright flash haha.

Here they are right after applying 2 coats. The instructions say to apply a new coat ever day for 14 days.

I did try to take lots of pictures but this was when I was really sick and I did not get to put on new coats here and there but for the most part I stuck with it. So this is the halfway point for me (I stopped after 10 or 11 days). I had a huge problem with this gel! It applied like any other clearcoat, but when it comes to removal, it was like trying to take off fake nails applied with glue. It was so difficult to remove I remember the second day spending almost 20 minutes trying to take my 2 coats off.

I believe I went 11 days only because I couldn't deal with removing this from my nails on day 10 lol. Not only was this insanely difficult to remove, it also cracked and chipped off my nails like crazy. Not just small chips at the tips of my nails, but all over my entire nail. In this shot I had put another coat over all my cracks for the picture (gah another layer to remove!). This dimmer lighting is very accurate color-wise. Very very dingy orange!

Anyway, after 10 days I saw no difference whatsoever to my nails and the pain and suffering I have to endure just to apply a new coat made me stop 4 days early. If you are looking for something to whiten your nails, I would not suggest this one.


  1. Yikes! Thanks for posting this, everytime I stop by sallys I consider buying it. Have you tried lemon juice or vinegar?

  2. Kae! What a shame! It would have been nice to see a little difference, I wouldn't have gone that far nor would I have been so patient!!

  3. I tried that too! It didn't work for me either and I stopped using it when I realised it was doing more harm than good.
    I've tried everything to whiten my nails - lemon juice, vinegar, whitening fizzy stuff and whitening toothpaste! None of them worked for me. The only thing that's worked is cutting them! I've let them grow long 3 times now and then just chopped them completely down each time. I did it for the last time last week and I've finally got rid of all the yellow!

  4. Kae, So sorry you had to endure that torture. When I was in beauty school, anytime we did highlights, if we had any extra bleach leftover, we'd coat our nails in a thin layer, and let it sit about 5 minutes while our client was under the dryer. That actually does make a difference in yellowing, but if you have supersensitive skin I'd be careful

  5. shabby it didnt work! if anything it made them more discoloured by the pics!

    my sisters nails get really discoloured when she wears polish, and for me my big toe gets horribly discoloured!

    id love to see someone post one that works!

  6. Gah I was hoping this was going to work for you. Sorry that it didn't work and that it was a pita to remove and being sick at the same time.

  7. Well, that sucks! I've been fighting with yellow nails for a few months now. And at the moment I'm trying the ''new base coat'' technique. I though maybe it was Nailtek that stained my nails. Sorry this didn't work for you.

  8. Wow, what a waste! I guess I will have to find some other way to get the stains off of my nails!

  9. That sucks! I wonder if there are other whitening products for nails out there.

  10. Shame it didn't work.. nice of you to share it though :)

  11. Hi Katie, no I've never tried anything yet to whitenen mynails this was my first attempt. Mine are i think too far gone to really do anything but to cut them. :(

    Danielle, oh well! At least I tried lol. I have since cut my nails shorter so only a little staining left.

    Glittermille, yeah I that is the only real solution to some badly stained nails lol. I was gonna try denture tablets next but aaaah.

    Ange-Marie, oooh that sounds like an awesome trick!

    Elashaw, yeah me too! I gave it a shot at least :)

    Jessica, me too lol. Oh well! oh boy I hope i dont get sick for another 3 years!

    Nihrida, mine seemed to turn yellow suddenly maybe 8 months ago. I wonder which product really assists in the yellowing..

    Gildedangel, I'm glad I got free shipping on it at least lol. It was nice to leave my nails unpolishsed for a couple of weeks tho, that hasn't happened in almost 2 years!

    Denysia, I see lots, but I have a hunch they are all ineffective for my nails. BUmmer!

    Rijah, lol yeah I had high hopes for it.

  12. Oh you must show the result when you try the denture tablets, i always wanted to try but haven, haha... my nails start staining on the tip area and i hate it when i do french and you can see the yellow stain there.. ><

  13. The way to keep yellowing at bay is to sometimes not wear polish. This ensures that oxygen can get to the nailbed. This might be difficult with really long nails, because without polish they can be prone to breaking.
    Every once in a while, I like to mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to form a paste, then apply it to the nail bed for a few minutes. This seems to help.

  14. i think everyone who has darker polishes on the nail plate, it will stain after a periodic use sadly :( sorry to hear that it didnt work on you, ive actually worked at sallys before and we didn't sell too much of that kind. But, what i do is buff it lightly to remove some of the stains little at a time, and i actually use the same nail brand but its the yellow stopper instead. It has worked for me and i just layer a top of seche vite over it! hope this helps out :)

  15. That product sounds horrible! Thanks for the heads up.

    I really like Talika Instant Manicure, ( I wear polish CONSTANTLY like you and this stuff works wonders.

    It's quite expensive though, so I only use one packet every 2-3 months. And when I run out and can't afford to order a new box right away, I do a hot lemon soak. Pour some lemon juice into a bowl with some hot water and let your nails soak for a bit. You can brush them with a toothbrush in the liquid too if you like. :)

    That's how I take care of staining. I hope you find something that works for you.

  16. What a shame that this product didn't work out. Nothing helps but clipping off your nails and going without polish. Took me six months but that worked. I did that a long time ago and didn't wear polish for years.

  17. You are so right about it being difficult to remove. This stuff is the debil. It's worse than day old glitter! I ended up using the Orly Nail Whitener on a regular basis. If my nails are really bad (older polishes tend to stain more on me) I'll do a light buff and then the Orly Nail Witener.

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