Jessica Mauboy I

Another beautiful polish I received from Nixxy is Jessica Mauboy I by Bloom. It is such a gorgeous red, in the bottle there is a lot of gold and pinkish micro glitter that doesn't quite show up on the nail.

This is 3 coats with a coat of SV. I just love this bottle, I guess I like square bottles!


  1. This red is beautiful. Those are my favorite kind of reds

  2. Omg, it's really gorgeus. Just my type of nail polish colour...

  3. Awesome color on gorgeous nails :-)

  4. Ah! This is simply stunning! I may just have to buy this bottle of Jessica for myself! :) Jessica Mauboy is as beautiful as this polish, so she'd have to be pretty happy with it!

  5. Wow Kae! This polish is like wearing jewels on your nails. It's beautiful on you. How have you been? I hope well!

  6. Oh, gorgeous! I love it. I like square bottles too! Haha!

  7. Wow what a gorgeous nail polish!
    I wish Bloom would be available here too. :(

  8. I love that colour! It looks like it would go great on toenails.

  9. Gaby - Thank you!

    Ange-Marie - Thank you, they are my fave too!

    Biba - lol I know what you mean it's mine too :)

    Evil Angel - Thank you ♥

    Gilded Angel - Thank you :)

    Michéle - Thank you :D

    Pinkginger - Thanks! How have you been?!

    Danielle - I recently saw some other swatches of some Bloom polishes, I feel lucky to have gotten one for myself! Hmm I'm gonna have to google this Jessica Mauboy...

    Velvet - Hi! lol that's exactly it! Thank you so much, I've been doing well (besides getting rather sick in Dec).

    Nicole - Thanks! I loooove Color club bottles lol

    Nixxy - thank you again I love it :)

    The Swatchaholic - yeah I know what you mean, maybe they will consider selling to us soon!

    Keepingbeauty - Thanks, yeah I think they would look great on toes!

  10. Beautiful shade on you. I can see the pink and gold shimmer. I don't own any of this brand. I'll just enjoy looking at this on you!

  11. I can't get enough of rich colors like this one. Do you know where to buy this brand?

  12. Wow, this shade is total love! I've always been into such colours. :)


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