Flower Konad


Camera flash.

Well I didn't mess it up too bad this time. The first picture is taken with an Ott light which is how I normally do it, but I tried flash and it looked much better then I expected. Weeeiiiiiiiiird (okay only Allie will get that spelling bleh)!

Heart Konad?!

Have you ever messed something up, then tried to fix it by doing something else to it? Well that's what happened here, the white hearts came out horrible, so I tried to cover it up with more hearts, and then THAT looked even worse! So then I covered that up with black hearts, and there you have it. I also stamped them upside down aaaahh.

On the bright side I think I got the hang of how much pressure to use when scraping and picking up the image.

Hair clip!

My sister in law Olivia made me this! She makes lots of other stuff they are so pretty, thank you thank you for making me one I love it! I wore it to work tonight with the perfect pony ha. Flash was so bright it wouldn't show up aaah. You can see her blog with her other work here.

We also had a double dinner with a couple of birthdays and my other sister in law Cortney coming into town but I forgot to take pictures on my camera. Maybe I'll snag some copies from my in laws and post some later.

Land of the rising sun

Failed experiment #3? Quite possibly! I'm on a roll.

I wanted the picture to become one when I put my fingers together but look okay alone, I also really sucked at the stripes! Oh and I left my thumb a half moon for the Japanese flag.

Another Failed Experiment

Alex made me get this orange base, and it looking boring so I wanted to do a yellow chevron. That looked really bad so I then I painted thin vertical stripes, then added the black next to it, and finally I just could not leave it be and painted the horizontal stripes to see how that would look. This is almost as embarassing as my dark forest, aaah.

On to more eye pleasing items, I give you baby Belle!

This last picture is Dec. 2000, she was so tiny!

The Dark Forest of Fail!

I had imagined a spooky dark forest scene to paint today, and it might have turned out okay if I hadn't tried to put more color in it with red leaves on the trees. It looks like I'm bleeding from my cuticles! I went ahead and put a clearcoat to see how it came out and was very disappointed, yuck.

This darker photo shows the actual color. I used a NYC black as a base and the rest painted freehand with acrylic paint. Next time I think I will try an ocean scene. Luckily I will scratch this at work tomorrow so it'll come off then, phew!

Nail Rant and NOTD

You are about to see a horror that I rarely show: my bare nails! I have an awful ridge on my left index finger that splits the longer my nail gets. I try to buff it but all it does is stall the inevitable. I have ridges on my other nails as well but they aren't so bad that it cracks my free edge.

Here you see the huge line going down my middle finger nail, this is after buffing and you can see how paper thin my free edge is right there, aaah!

The other thing I hate about my nails are the fact that each nail bed is a different size and shape.

All my nails are the same length, but my ring finger has a short nail bed so it looks like I have a really long coke nail there. Some of my nails grow square, while the the others are round.

On this hand, the ring finger does the same thing, pinky/ring finger grows square and the rest round! Why?!

Even more bizarre are my thumbs, left thumb the skin under my nail grows far past my fingertip and my right thumb stops right at the fingertip. They are the same length! This is why you'll never catch me wearing anything sheer. Disgusting.

Wow that was a long rant!

Right after I said no sheer, I wear sheer! Well it's a close call, one more coat would have it made it more opaque I think.

Filet Mignon

I found a couple of filets on sale when I went veggie shopping for salsa, so we had those for dinner tonight.

I usually cut the asparagus bottoms off, but you can do the snap method too.

They are expensive, so I like to get my moneys worth by slicing a little more off the bottom parts to put into omelets or stir fry!

Heat the cast iron pan on high and cook! I like to get my asparagus a little blackened so I put the spears inbetween the raised bars (mine isn't the flat kind) for more surface area.

Once they were done I put the steaks on, 5-6 minutes a side for medium rare on high heat (the cast iron stays smoking hot forever) they were super thick so maybe closer to 6-7 mins a side.

I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of our dinner plates I grabbed mine walked into the room and started eating immediately! Figures right? So I give you a drawn plate that greatly resembled the finished product:
Thanks for reading!

Green franken

I love this color! While I was applying the first coat, it was a little goopy (I think from the Wet n Wild black creme) so I decided to take it off but finished up a quick second coat for pictures (very sloppy too). I have no polish thinner!

Polka dot tips

This is a super bright reddish orange called Caliente Coral, it looked boring so I painted dots on my tips.

Sad day

Does Biotin really work?

Since I'm several weeks into taking Biotin (since Feb 5mg/day everyday), and Olivia got me all curious now, some comparison shots from Wednesday and tonight (click to see full-sized grossness!):


Friday night:

What do you think? I left tonight's nail pictures full-size so you can see the nail growth but they are so gross from getting beat up at work and my cuticles are dry from handwashing. This also probably means my hair is going to grow like a bad weed!

Our phone line is fixed! Turns out AT&T (formerly SBC, formerly Pacific Bell) had our old street address from the '40s til around 1990 when the city of Redding changed it for some reason. Now I feel bad about the rant I had of them, but come on, they send a paper bill addressed correctly. It's a little scary to think what their computer systems look like if it has old outdated addresses.

I spent waaaaaay too much time on that picture.

The other hand with fimo

I forgot to put the picture of my right hand with fimo on it, my left hand was shaking since it's awkward to hit the button so it's blurry but the reason I had to post it is because of the adorable sheep on my ring finger. He's grazing the grass! I also ended up entering this into a nail art contest, it's so ghetto looking I highly doubt it'll win. =x (The Duff face)

Dog Shenanigans

The day after I post Jasmine's picture of her front paws on Belle's head, she gives me this!

I just thought her teeth showing while upside down sleeping was funny.

They are so cute when they sleep in their little bed.

Jazzercise! And 1 and 2 and 3! Her top half also looks like she could be in Thriller.

Belle secretly has a shoe fetish.

They broke this toy THE NEXT DAY.

This is what she does apparently when I'm sleeping.

She can walk on walls!

Corgi Legos

Corgi tower.

AT&T guy is supposed to come any time now, we shall see if a cross street can get him here.

AT&T repairman

So we were supposed to get our landline repaired today because our phone line is super static city. Well turns out he didn't come because he could not find our house. Sure, Churn Creek runs practically all through Redding but come on! I had to call them back to give them a cross street. Now we have to wait another day for the repairs! Here let me show you some tools that might help you find a house next time you're lost:

Maps. Yep.

Who doesn't have a gps anymore? Oh wait, me.

I think Homer could've found our house.

If he (or she) has to come to our door I suspect the conversation will start like this.