Does Biotin really work?

Since I'm several weeks into taking Biotin (since Feb 5mg/day everyday), and Olivia got me all curious now, some comparison shots from Wednesday and tonight (click to see full-sized grossness!):


Friday night:

What do you think? I left tonight's nail pictures full-size so you can see the nail growth but they are so gross from getting beat up at work and my cuticles are dry from handwashing. This also probably means my hair is going to grow like a bad weed!

Our phone line is fixed! Turns out AT&T (formerly SBC, formerly Pacific Bell) had our old street address from the '40s til around 1990 when the city of Redding changed it for some reason. Now I feel bad about the rant I had of them, but come on, they send a paper bill addressed correctly. It's a little scary to think what their computer systems look like if it has old outdated addresses.

I spent waaaaaay too much time on that picture.


  1. lolz nice editing on the computer pic! Your biotin pics got me curious...I just measured my hair and it's grown 1/4" in the past 10 days...sooo...should be like 3/4" a month? I think it used to grow 1/2" a month.

  2. I've been taking Biotin for a few months. I have had more nail growth. I took it because of peeling nails. I just cut the last bit of peeling off. I hope that they won't peel again. My hair is growing faster. Or is it all wishfull thinking?

  3. Hi hun, I love the nail color. Just wondering: did u space the doseage out over the day or just took it all at once?


  4. Hi Natasha, I take it all at once shortly after waking up every day. Sometimes I'm bad and forget to take it but I make sure it's daily.

    It has now been 4 and a half months and I think my nails DO grow faster, but the strengthening is not there at all. Which is the whole reason why I started biotin in the first place.

    So far I'm very disappointed but I will keep on taking it til 6 months have passed before I decide that biotin does nothing to help strengthen nails. =x


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