Are you serious?

This is old but we used to have little avian friends coming by daily, Jasmine really likes it when they come over. OH WAIT. Check out the goose in the right of the top picture, he's chillin!

This is the Colorama topcoat it's so pretty it has flaky glitter that changes colors! It was hard to get a shot of the glitter, I need to come up with a better way to take pics but my camera is poopy.

This is the pumpkin orange Crackle, obviously red is a terrible choice to wear underneath, what would be a good color, white? It looks gross, but you can see how cool the crackles are!

Now I have to redo my nails again in less than 24 hours...


  1. Love the crackle look. Good look for Halloween! I have to get some of that polish.


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