Filet Mignon

I found a couple of filets on sale when I went veggie shopping for salsa, so we had those for dinner tonight.

I usually cut the asparagus bottoms off, but you can do the snap method too.

They are expensive, so I like to get my moneys worth by slicing a little more off the bottom parts to put into omelets or stir fry!

Heat the cast iron pan on high and cook! I like to get my asparagus a little blackened so I put the spears inbetween the raised bars (mine isn't the flat kind) for more surface area.

Once they were done I put the steaks on, 5-6 minutes a side for medium rare on high heat (the cast iron stays smoking hot forever) they were super thick so maybe closer to 6-7 mins a side.

I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of our dinner plates I grabbed mine walked into the room and started eating immediately! Figures right? So I give you a drawn plate that greatly resembled the finished product:
Thanks for reading!


  1. Steak + asparagus is the bessssst! Picture kind of looks like Alex's cookies though xD

  2. What are you saying? IT LOOKS LIKE POOP???

  3. That is too funny! Love asparagus. Now is a great time to get it. Love steak also. I don't own a cast iron pan. I know they are the best for holding the heat.

  4. Filet mignon is a really good french dish, and the meat is delicious !!! <333


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