Nail Rant and NOTD

You are about to see a horror that I rarely show: my bare nails! I have an awful ridge on my left index finger that splits the longer my nail gets. I try to buff it but all it does is stall the inevitable. I have ridges on my other nails as well but they aren't so bad that it cracks my free edge.

Here you see the huge line going down my middle finger nail, this is after buffing and you can see how paper thin my free edge is right there, aaah!

The other thing I hate about my nails are the fact that each nail bed is a different size and shape.

All my nails are the same length, but my ring finger has a short nail bed so it looks like I have a really long coke nail there. Some of my nails grow square, while the the others are round.

On this hand, the ring finger does the same thing, pinky/ring finger grows square and the rest round! Why?!

Even more bizarre are my thumbs, left thumb the skin under my nail grows far past my fingertip and my right thumb stops right at the fingertip. They are the same length! This is why you'll never catch me wearing anything sheer. Disgusting.

Wow that was a long rant!

Right after I said no sheer, I wear sheer! Well it's a close call, one more coat would have it made it more opaque I think.


  1. Your nails are awesome! You shouldn't be so hard on them :)

  2. If your nails are disgusting, mine are like Frankenstein hunchback Igor disgusting ^_^ They get so beat up in the garden, but oh well! I think your nails look good ~

  3. I think your nails look pretty good. I don't know anyone with perfect looking naked nails. Maybe a hand model. That's why there is nail polish! We love the colors and we can cover up our naked nails. Love the polish you have on.

  4. ok you can't post pictures of a icy lavender that pretty and not tell me what it is? lol i need it now!

    p.s. i don't have ridges but all my nail beds are different shapes like your too, and they flare on the ends when they get long, i cut the sides, which i probably shouldn't do but i don't care, i think most peoples nails are less than perfect, that's what nail polish is for!! :)

  5. Yes, please share the name of the nail polish!

  6. The purple is called Party Hop by Loreal.

  7. You know, sweetheart, I have the EXACT same problem with my nails - pinky and ring finger nails grow square while the others grow round. Makes it soooo difficult to decide on a nail shape! I love the square look of my ring and pinky fingers, but other nails look kind of weird when square :(

    Love the manicure, by the way!

  8. Yeah, don't be so mean about your nails! At least you take good care of them. I used to have jagged edges and different lengths and all that nasty stuff before I decided badly cared-for hands are icky. Besides, I've seen some nail polish blogs where the chicks have some seriously weird shaped nails, like the gross kind that almost fold over the top of their fingers. Not to be mean but it freaks me out and I can't look at their blog, weird nails sketch me out. I'm an asshole, I know. Keep up the good work!


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