OPI Russian Ruby

I'm not sure how to describe this color, a hot fuchsia?! It's a very bright shimmery pinkish reddish color. I used plate m25 and made a black rose with Color Club Where's the Soiree again. I tried Wet n Wild black but it dried almost instantly before I apply the stamp on my nail.

This is 2 coats of Russian Ruby, it's still sheer enough to see the line which drives me crazy.

Once again I think my right hand looks better.

Orange Creamsicle

Osaka-To-Me Orange by OPI reminds me an orange popsicle, mmmmm. It's so creamy I want to eat it! It looked lonely I used plate m56, crooked again aaah. I also can't figure out how to not smear the pattern with my top coat, any suggestions? I tried OPI rapid dry, Seche, NYC clearcoat, I think that's all I own =x.

I got my clearcoat everywhere!

I seem to have better luck with my right hand for some reason.

China Glaze Strawberry Fields

Today is China Glaze Strawberry Fields with m56 pattern using Color Club Where's the Soiree?. I did okay but some of my nails were crooked, the french tip pattern was really hard for me. I use less than half the pattern so the curve they put in it for you throws me off. Where's the Soiree was a bad konad polish choice it dried almost instantly! I will try my Wet n Wild black next time.

Alex picked this for me, what will he pick tomorrow?! Stay tuned...

Right hand.

Left hand, I'm going to try to show both hands to see if I improve on both sides.

China Glaze Watermelon Rind

Alex picked OMG and last night after I came home from work he picked out Watermelon Rind! I put on 3 coats and tried to resist the urge to stamp it, but I just couldn't do it. I used plate m20 again with OPI DS Diamond for the stamp color. I did mess up some nails (not centered) but what I love about this type of design is it's very forgiving with the mistakes, I just stamped the empty area and it looks pretty normal.

My first sunlight shot!

My right hand as an afterthought.

China Glaze LOL and trying out the Konad

Well I had to try some stamping, this is m20 with the Konad special polish in white. I am so liking this! I use an old credit card to swipe the paint (I read that somewhere ages ago forgot who said that) which works great without scratching my plates. This will definitely take some getting the hang of centering the image on my nail which was a huge problem on my right hand. Might have to take a little break from acrylic paint!

Bday haul part 2!

This is where our day started yesterday, we went by GameStop before dinner and we saw a sandwich shop called Mr. Pickles.... lol.

I was a 10 year old right here.

China Glaze left clockwise: Ruby Pumps, He's Going in Circles, Don't be Square, Visit me in Prism, LOL, BFF, TTYL, DV8 and Lubu Heels. As soon as I opened everything, I immediately painted Olivia's nails (He's going in circles) followed by Mums nails (Don't be square) lol.

OPI left clockwise: DS Diamond, DS Jewel, Greece just blue me away, Nice Color, Eh?, You Ottaware Purple, Paint your Toron-toes Rose, Ti-tan your Toga, Osaka-to-me Orange.

Color Club and Essie left to right: Revvvolution (been dying to get this, thank you mum) Where's the Soiree?, Front Row Diva, Great Expectations, Eternal Optimist, Tomboy No More and One of a Kind.

My mother-in-law made this! I pull it out it's holding something...

I didn't get any MAC Hello Kitty polishes so this was so awesome!

I'm in love.

Konad Plates 20, 25, 56 and 62. These are my first real plates (I have 2 and 3 I think from starter kit) I am so excited to try this! I'm bouncing off the walls basically. Dumb question: am I supposed to take off the paper thingie on the back of the plates? I didn't try to peel it wasn't sure if it's supposed to be on there or not I am a total Konad newbie.

I will be sipping on an icy cold soda with floating HK ice cubes very soon.


Foot file Olivia and Eric got me, in the background is almost the rest of the HK stuff, coin purse, luggage tag, magnet, pen, card with HK tattoos inside, a Sally's Beauty $50 gift card, and last but not least, Boom Blox!! I was up until 7 am I think it is soooo fun it was everything I expected from it.

As soon as I got home last night, I cut my nails and painted them with DV8, I have no idea how I have gone without any holographic polishes but all is well now. The Ott-Lite doesn't really show it well but you guys have seen better swatches and know it's awesomeness right? One last thing, after cutting my nails my C-curve flattened out a lot and my nails hurt really bad for hours, today they are still sore when I type does this ever happen to any of you?

Mum and Duad thank you for all these lovely gifts I think I've died and gone to heaven! I need to practice my stamping for a 4th of July mani!

Thanks for reading this long post.

Bday haul part 1

I have a billion pictures so I think I will break this up into two parts.

We went out to chinese food last night with Alex and his family (brother, his wife, mom and dad), we ordered way too much food (more for me later :D) and I forgot to take pictures until dessert. We all had deep fried ice cream, and also some mochi ice cream it was yummy!

After we came home it was time for presents! My brother-in-law Eric and his wife Olivia got me these! Olivia makes really neat brooches and barrettes called kanzashi they are so pretty you can check them out at her store here.

The bag already had me giddy.


Orly mini's, soooo cute aaah!

These OPI mini bottles are the cutest thing ever.

As if that wasn't enough the Summer days collection! I almost pooped myself. They also got me a Hello Kitty foot file thingie but I'll just post that and the rest of my stuff in part 2. Thank you Eric and Olivia! ♥♥

In case you were wondering I chopped my nails off last night after coming home, they were just too long for me to function!

Lots of bling!

Hi I feel like I haven't posted in ages, but it's only been 6 days! Well 6 days in the blog world is probably like 2 weeks ha.

I'm 32 today so here are my birthday nails!

It is an unnamed polish by Wet n Wild, it's a frosty purple I chose randomly. I feel like this is a repeat from a couple of weeks ago with my ChG "v" pattern, similar base color and silver/black. I need to get more colorful! Click to see in detail!

Here is my Father's Day nails.

I'm getting ready for the family dinner so just a quick post.

A penny for your thoughts (huge pics!)

I was in a slump last night, couldn't decide what to do after drawing my babies on my nails. I chose an old Colorama color called A penny for your thoughts. It was pretty, but I didn't have any ideas for nail art but I showed Alex the color like I always do and he said why don't you draw Lincoln on there? Ding ding ding!

First of all, this is the scratch paper I used to try some profile drawings. I am not an artist I have no idea how to draw these things so for this I had to try on paper first. Wow, after 7 attempts I gave up! They looked like poo. I went for it anyway since I had nothing to lose, and I forgot to take a picture of the profile outlines but they looked worse than my scratch paper ones. Then Alex said, well why dont you draw some details in? Lol #3.5 got Elvis hair...

After drawing in some hair, his beard, eye/eyebrow, bowtie and his collar, he looked good! I was so happy I didn't have to take this off lol. I left all my pictures full size (or close to it) so you can see the details I realized my cuticles are gross and dry after, sorry.

I decided to try to make it a realistic penny by writing "In God We Trust" across the top and the year on the right, and on the left of Lincoln it is supposed to say "Liberty" I actually tried to fit in there but the TY didn't fit =x. Click to enlarge!

Here is my super ghetto paint setup: I use old laserjet paper as my scratch paper, holds polish on it better. I think Alex's old homework is printed on the other side. I throw down a few strips of painters tape for my acrylic paint, and here is the brush I use to paint the super tiny detail work my trusty $.50 Wal-Mart brush.

Iphone firmware 3.0 out! You can download it from iTunes, and itouch users have to pay $9.99 for the upgrade =x. Yeah how nerdy am I looking forward to phone software updates. Iphone GS is coming Friday too aaaaaah.


This manicure was harder than I thought, something about drawing animals is just way more difficult than cartoon characters.

Jasmine is my red headed corgi, Belle is the black tri. They are the sweetest little dogs!

The polish is by Icing called Tickled Pink, it has a pink shimmer to it and the color is slightly lighter than the one where I'm holding the bottle.

I used this shot of Belle to draw her (she rode in the car to In and Out drive thru lol she was sooooo happy), but I used a different picture for Jazzy. At the end I drew a final black line at Belle's neck and it blended into her cute little black nose and ruined her entire face, imo. There was no going back so she's stuck looking like a schnauzer, I think?

I drew Jazzy on my pinky first and she looked like a french bulldog so I tried a different approach on my middle finger, didn't like it as much and tried the cuter look for my index. Anyway enough babbling!


I don't think this set of minis I got from Icing have names. It was a set of 5 colors with microglitters, the one I tried was black.

It was looking blah so I threw in an offset silver stripe for some umph! I was up very late last night and did this after work when I was super tired so I didn't bother to take any good pictures, sorry.

I think once this comes off I'd like to try drawing my puppies on my nails.