Orange Creamsicle

Osaka-To-Me Orange by OPI reminds me an orange popsicle, mmmmm. It's so creamy I want to eat it! It looked lonely I used plate m56, crooked again aaah. I also can't figure out how to not smear the pattern with my top coat, any suggestions? I tried OPI rapid dry, Seche, NYC clearcoat, I think that's all I own =x.

I got my clearcoat everywhere!

I seem to have better luck with my right hand for some reason.


  1. We need to stop associating polish to food, it makes me hungry every time! I find that if I take the time to top coat my polish, let it dry, then stamp my Konad, it doesn't smear as much when I top coat the Konad. I've been using Out the Door top coat from Sally with good luck over Konad.

  2. Such a lovely colour!
    I haven't actually used konad yet but I am planning to and in my research on it I've heard that konad's own top coat is the best. Apparently once you use it you'll wonder why you never did! I heard that on a couple of videos on youtube :)

  3. I just use whats in reach for my top coat...
    but I when i put it on, i put a blob of it on my middle and then do the sides and i dont overlap anywhere!

    mm creamsicles! yummmza : )

  4. Soooo glossy looking. Yes, it reminds me of the push up pops. Yum! Love the tips. Such a nice touch.

  5. Nice orange, and looks very pretty with this flowers :)

  6. Hi Mary, it's so hard not to think of food! I was just looking at Out the Door this morning, but all I got was some polish thinner which I badly needed. Well anyway thank you for the tip!

    Glittermillie: I didn't even know Konad has their own topcoat, thank you!

    Elashaw: I'll have to try not to touch my brush and do less strokes =x

    Velvet: Oh man I loved those push pops!

    Céline: Thank you :)

  7. I bought Konad's top coat last month and honestly i din remember if my nail polish smear before when i apply it.
    The formula is a bit thick though and will sometimes cause some small bubbles, but after all you may give it a try~

    Another way i figure out myself, is to wait longer time for the nail polish to dry, then only you put top coat,and try not to repeat where you've apply top coat.
    This way you don't need to purchase new top coat, save $$, lol..

    Hope these help~ :)

  8. That is really a pretty color on you Kae. Love it. The French tip is so pretty. On someone's blog I read that they use Nubar's Diamont TopCoat. I think they said it didn't smear. Good luck on your search.

  9. Rachel: Thanks for the tip I feel like I DO wait a long time but really only a few minutes I'll try to wait longer!

    Lucy: Thank you, I am a little dubious about the orange on my skin lol. Never used Nubar before I'll have to check it out thanks!

    Clockwork: Thank you :)

  10. Creme pops, lol. You are too cute. You are rockin' this color and the konad is so cute. I keep saying that I am going to get a konad set, I guess I'll break down soon. :-)

  11. Thanks Denny, you should definitely try it! You'll be hooked in no time :)


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