This manicure was harder than I thought, something about drawing animals is just way more difficult than cartoon characters.

Jasmine is my red headed corgi, Belle is the black tri. They are the sweetest little dogs!

The polish is by Icing called Tickled Pink, it has a pink shimmer to it and the color is slightly lighter than the one where I'm holding the bottle.

I used this shot of Belle to draw her (she rode in the car to In and Out drive thru lol she was sooooo happy), but I used a different picture for Jazzy. At the end I drew a final black line at Belle's neck and it blended into her cute little black nose and ruined her entire face, imo. There was no going back so she's stuck looking like a schnauzer, I think?

I drew Jazzy on my pinky first and she looked like a french bulldog so I tried a different approach on my middle finger, didn't like it as much and tried the cuter look for my index. Anyway enough babbling!


  1. ahh! so cute <3 i love it
    i love corgies!
    ein from cowboy bebop is my favorite corgi lol <3
    i love how they came out
    so adorable

  2. They are both so cute!!! love them in the photo and on your hand as well~^^

  3. Those turned out fantastically! You are very talented :) Love the corgi pictures, so cute.

  4. Aww..that is SOO cute! The corgis are very adorable in the pictures and on your nails.

  5. Oh my goodness adorable corgis and your likenesses are just so cute!

  6. How cute! I think you did an awesome job drawing your dogs! My eyes almost popped out. When I saw and then read, that you drew them!! Sweet doggies you have too!! Awww!

  7. Wow, this was so awesome! I don't know if I could catch up with that. The fact that they really look like Corgis on your nails, I almost can't believe it. You're sooo talented!!

  8. Love your nails and your dogs are adorable!!! :)

  9. Amazing job you did! I'm lucky I can make a dot. Just so cute.

  10. Lol @ In n Out

    Especially the middle finger is great, I think. I like that pink too ~~~

  11. Nina: Thank you so much! I forgot about Ein, I never watched Cowboy Bebop but it was playing a lot when we used to leave adult swim on and every time the corgi was running around I was pointing at the tv lol.

    Rachel: Thank you, I think half my hard drive is pictures of them!

    Mary: Thank you! ♥ <-- :D:D

    Grace: Thank you! :)

    Clockwork: Thank you! :D

    Velvet: Thanks so much, I imagined Jim Carrey as the Mask when his eyes popped out lol!

    Lacquer Laine: Thank you! ☺

    Alexlyndra: Thank you, you are so sweet. :)

    Olivia C : Thank you! :)

    Olivia: That picture is pretty old haven't been to in and out in several months aaaaaah. I thought the middle finger was actually the most realistic one but I fell in love with the cartoony pinky!

    Think we'll be bbqing on sunday? Bill always picks bbq over restaurant!

  12. ShanSoPink: I used acrylic paint :)

  13. omg thats the most adorable thing i ever saw! you did that yourself? really good job.

  14. sparklingpinkgorilla: thank you! I did indeed draw this :)

  15. Woweeee more amazing artwork. I am speechless! So cute!


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