China Glaze Watermelon Rind

Alex picked OMG and last night after I came home from work he picked out Watermelon Rind! I put on 3 coats and tried to resist the urge to stamp it, but I just couldn't do it. I used plate m20 again with OPI DS Diamond for the stamp color. I did mess up some nails (not centered) but what I love about this type of design is it's very forgiving with the mistakes, I just stamped the empty area and it looks pretty normal.

My first sunlight shot!

My right hand as an afterthought.


  1. So cute! I love the stamp you chose :)

  2. I love Watermelon Rind. I think it's my favorite of the collection. I love your Konad design. Very pretty and delicate.

  3. Glittermillie, thank you :D

    Lucy, thanks, I think it's my favorite too!

  4. Watermelon Rind is very pretty, and it looks good with the stamps!


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