Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition

Since I got the collector's edition box mailed to me, I had to wait 18 more hours than had I purchased the digital copy.  It was 18 agonizing hours lol.

The box.

Open box!

Came with an art book.

One of the reasons why I bought the CE was for this.  Aaah the pretty mousepad.

You didn't think I would leave you hanging without nails, did you?  Of course I had to wear Zera!  I may add more Starcraft-inspired colors soon.  Game on friends.

I purchased this with my own money.

My Cotton Bunny March 2013

Thought I would share the contents of My Cotton Bunny March box!  Oh yeah, I'm not sure how I'm going to do my disclosure from now on.  So for now I will just say that I am subscribed to this box with my own money.

 I love the name of this haha.  PMS Buster!  It smells earthy and of lavender which I find soothing. It feels nice on the lips, it's not waxy or too slippery.  Maybe it leans a tiny bit towards the waxy side after it starts to wear off a bit.  I absolutely love lip balms and will definitely be applying this.

 Made by Earth Lux.

 This pink envelope was taped shut and had a chocolate truffle in it.  It was rock hard like it was dried out and I don't think I will try it.  Something about food products not in sealed packages is bleh.  Maybe I will cut in half for science!

 This looks yummy, I love York Peppermint Patties so can't wait to dig into this.

 Okay so you guys already know this was in here!

An adjustable handmade bracelet.  Very cute!

You can get your own box from My Cotton Bunny HERE.  (not referral/affiliate link)

Color Club New Halo Hues Beyond and Over The Moon Swatches

Color Club released another set of holos for spring called New Halo Hues.  They describe the collection as colorful, iridescent shades that will brighten up the darkest of nights inspired by the Northern Lights Here are 2 shades they sent to me.

 Over The Moon 2 coats no topcoat. A lovely pale blue.

 With flash.

Beyond 2 coats no topcoat.  This reminds me of the original version of My Private Jet with the dark base.  Very pretty.

With flash.

I don't have the other colors from this collection but if they are anything like these I'm sure they are stunning.

The formula was perfect, they were so easy to apply.  The colors were very opaque and like most holos dried quickly.  I normally have problems with holos because of my ridges but these did not show them.  I wore a Color Club basecoat that came with one of my Ross packs I bought last year.

I usually don't wear topcoat when I wear holos, because of this the wear is shorter than a standard color but I think it is worth it.  You can wear topcoat if you need your manicure to last longer, it will be very shiny but it may take away from the pretty holographic rainbow sparkle.

You can get Color Club from their shop HERE and this collection retails for $10 each.

Sent to me for review.

Nail Room Pictures

I am almost done with my nail room, I need a white desk chair and perhaps some small acrylic storage on my desk.  Everything is white (almost, darn you Helmer!).

Looking in from the doorway. I have 2 tall Alex, 1 short Alex, 2 Melmers and a Helmer.

I have extra floor space so I keep my camera bag there.  My friend Allie gave me a Hello Kitty chia pet for Christmas and a HK nail set.  I don't know when I will grow the chia pet but I will definitely share when it's started.  That USPS box is full of random colors I made, including duds, spares and prototypes I never finished.

I have an acrylic nail thingie (what do you call this? haha) on top of my tall Alex.  I occasionally do a gel manicure so there is my UV light and a Hello Kitty traincase.

My work desk.  This is also from IKEA.  I hate the clutter!  I need my basecoats, topcoats, remover and other little manicure things.  Any suggestions on how to keep them stored right there but is easy to access?  I am temporarily using a dining chair lol.

Looking down the table, I have another window for natural lighting, 2 desk lamps, 1 tripod for my camera and another tripod for my ring light.  I plan on covering up that Amazon box and random phone book with white paper, my tiny lightbox needs them to support bottles inside and prevents from tipping all over the place.  I got the lights and lightbox from Amazon.

I also have a closet that I forgot to photograph.  I guess that's about it.  Thanks for looking!

All About Spring

Had some fresh shrimp spring rolls for lunch and thought I would share.  Then onto my spring collection swatches!

 I used shrimp (cut in half), parsley, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots and sprouts.

Dip into warm water for 5-10 seconds.

Lay it out on your surface and place your ingredients on it.

Roll them up!

I didn't feel like a peanut sauce today so I just made a quick and easy soy sauce one.

Rice vinegar.

Spicy sesame oil, if you don't like spicy you can use normal sesame oil.

Added some water so it wasn't as salty.


Kiwi Smoothie, 3 coats.

Li-lacquer, 3 coats.

Bliss, 3 coats.

Tickled Pink, 3 coats.

Fashionably Late 1 coat over Strawberry.

1 coat over Zoya Zuzu.

 1 coat over Twenty Twelve.

1 coat over Kiwi Smoothie.

My new spring colors will be available on my Etsy shop this Friday, March 8th!