My Cotton Bunny March 2013

Thought I would share the contents of My Cotton Bunny March box!  Oh yeah, I'm not sure how I'm going to do my disclosure from now on.  So for now I will just say that I am subscribed to this box with my own money.

 I love the name of this haha.  PMS Buster!  It smells earthy and of lavender which I find soothing. It feels nice on the lips, it's not waxy or too slippery.  Maybe it leans a tiny bit towards the waxy side after it starts to wear off a bit.  I absolutely love lip balms and will definitely be applying this.

 Made by Earth Lux.

 This pink envelope was taped shut and had a chocolate truffle in it.  It was rock hard like it was dried out and I don't think I will try it.  Something about food products not in sealed packages is bleh.  Maybe I will cut in half for science!

 This looks yummy, I love York Peppermint Patties so can't wait to dig into this.

 Okay so you guys already know this was in here!

An adjustable handmade bracelet.  Very cute!

You can get your own box from My Cotton Bunny HERE.  (not referral/affiliate link)