Color Club New Halo Hues Beyond and Over The Moon Swatches

Color Club released another set of holos for spring called New Halo Hues.  They describe the collection as colorful, iridescent shades that will brighten up the darkest of nights inspired by the Northern Lights Here are 2 shades they sent to me.

 Over The Moon 2 coats no topcoat. A lovely pale blue.

 With flash.

Beyond 2 coats no topcoat.  This reminds me of the original version of My Private Jet with the dark base.  Very pretty.

With flash.

I don't have the other colors from this collection but if they are anything like these I'm sure they are stunning.

The formula was perfect, they were so easy to apply.  The colors were very opaque and like most holos dried quickly.  I normally have problems with holos because of my ridges but these did not show them.  I wore a Color Club basecoat that came with one of my Ross packs I bought last year.

I usually don't wear topcoat when I wear holos, because of this the wear is shorter than a standard color but I think it is worth it.  You can wear topcoat if you need your manicure to last longer, it will be very shiny but it may take away from the pretty holographic rainbow sparkle.

You can get Color Club from their shop HERE and this collection retails for $10 each.

Sent to me for review.