Nail Room Pictures

I am almost done with my nail room, I need a white desk chair and perhaps some small acrylic storage on my desk.  Everything is white (almost, darn you Helmer!).

Looking in from the doorway. I have 2 tall Alex, 1 short Alex, 2 Melmers and a Helmer.

I have extra floor space so I keep my camera bag there.  My friend Allie gave me a Hello Kitty chia pet for Christmas and a HK nail set.  I don't know when I will grow the chia pet but I will definitely share when it's started.  That USPS box is full of random colors I made, including duds, spares and prototypes I never finished.

I have an acrylic nail thingie (what do you call this? haha) on top of my tall Alex.  I occasionally do a gel manicure so there is my UV light and a Hello Kitty traincase.

My work desk.  This is also from IKEA.  I hate the clutter!  I need my basecoats, topcoats, remover and other little manicure things.  Any suggestions on how to keep them stored right there but is easy to access?  I am temporarily using a dining chair lol.

Looking down the table, I have another window for natural lighting, 2 desk lamps, 1 tripod for my camera and another tripod for my ring light.  I plan on covering up that Amazon box and random phone book with white paper, my tiny lightbox needs them to support bottles inside and prevents from tipping all over the place.  I got the lights and lightbox from Amazon.

I also have a closet that I forgot to photograph.  I guess that's about it.  Thanks for looking!