Meet The Little Hungry Asian!

This is Dylan and he is 4 months old today.  Has it been that long since I last posted?  His newborn months went by in a haze for me since I caught a cold at the hospital and spent several weeks sick in bed and nursing him.

Now he loves to smile and giggle, and one of his favorite things is he loves to look up your nostrils while you talk to him! If he sees those nostrils he will let loose the most adorable giggles!  He makes me so very happy.  Before I start gushing too much, let's get to the pics shall we? Warning: lots of baby pictures!!

His car ride home.

 All 1 week old.

2 weeks I think.

1 month!

 Love his cowlick!

 He started smiling at 5 weeks or so.

 Sick Mommy.

Hanging out with Grandma.

 After bathtime sleep.

He loves his mobile in his crib.

 Off on a nice stroller ride to see great grandma.

 His smile melts my heart!

 Tummy time.

14 weeks.

At 10 weeks old he said "I love you"!  I caught it on camera

Thanks for looking!


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