Slightly belated 6 Year Bloggiversary and life updates. Super long post and picture heavy!

Hi guys, long time no see.  Last month was my 6 year blog anniversary, can you believe it?!

So my biggest news is that I am having a baby!  In fact, today is my due date but baby is nowhere in sight.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the Calvin and Hobbes mural we painted in the nursery.

I might make a separate post about the mural.  It took us a week to paint and we had such a blast doing it.  I need to take pictures of the rest of the room now that it is all set up, maybe in that other post.

I look and feel like a whale, so been resting at home for the past month or so.  I went into nesting mode around then so at least the house is tidy and organized! I don't have any pictures of me recently. I had been taking weekly photos but stopped around 32ish weeks.  I didn't take any for almost a month after that.  Which I will get into next.  Well here's a few to show kind of the beginning middle and end (sort of).

Probably around 15ish weeks.

 20 something I'm sure.

Somewhere in the 30s.  Once I organize my cell phone pictures I will show you the week by week progress!


On April 7th, we had to make the extremely difficult decision to let our beloved little Belle go.  She had not been acting well so a couple weeks prior we took her to the vet for a check up.  She got a full exam with xrays and it just showed that she was getting old.  She had a really bad back and leg joint problems which is pretty common for Corgis.

So we went home and gave her pain medication to help make her more comfortable.  But then shortly after that her health declined really fast.  She lost all her appetite, she couldn't get up if she was lying on the floor, she couldn't move her legs or do anything.  We took her back and they discovered a really large mass in her abdomen.  It was a really aggressive cancer that took less than 2 weeks to grow that big (wasn't in her xrays from the last trip).  She was suffering and her quality of life had diminished.  It was unfair not to let her go.  It was the hardest thing we've ever had to do.

She was my best friend for almost 15 years.  She always slept on my legs at night, even if she had been sleeping and I came to bed.  When she couldn't get on the bed anymore she slept on the floor right next to me every single night, even on her last night.  That week we just cried a lot.  Typing this out is taking me hours since I have to break to stop crying.

So yeah we have been so heartbroken this past month and a half that I haven't done any work on polish.  In fact I have a new collection that's about 70% ready that came to a screeching halt.  I still have not continued work on it.  I feel so guilty but I can't bring myself to finish it right now.  I could go on and on about Belle but I will spare you the reading.

Painting the mural just before she got really sick.

Once we gave the doggies access to the nursery she liked to watched me paint.

Watching paint dry is hard work, naptime!

I just recently started painting my nails again.  I chopped off my long oval nails in preparation for baby, don't wanna poke his eyes out!  Oh yeah I forgot to tell you we are having a boy.  I'm sure you could have guessed by the mural.

My due date manicure is OPI Jinx with a stamp.  I forgot what the plates are called, they're one of those big rectangular plates that has like 20 patterns on it.  I got them last year I think when I saw Lacey from Lace and Lacquers post something about them.

We also broke my ring light painting the mural so my pictures aren't quite the same.  Been using the flash so they're kinda blah.  Guess it's back to using good old sunlight.

 Our other Corgi, Jasmine is such a little troublemaker.  She saw a skunk one night and charged at it barking.  Well you can guess what happened!  This was a few months ago and her head still smells vaguely of skunk.  She was sprayed right in between the eyes too, poor thing.  That was a one-time experience that I hope I never have to go through again lol.

 She had to get her teeth cleaned so here we are on the way there.  Happy face.

 This is right after we got home.  I think they gave her too much because she stayed doped up ALL day.  Never had our dogs groggy for so long before.  It gave her really sad droopy eyes.

Super clean teeth and happy!  Poor Jazzy, she misses her big sister.  She hasn't been the same since.  A couple of times we watched a video of Belley and Jasmine got excited and ran around the house looking for her.  Totally broke my heart.  I hope she likes the baby and makes him her new buddy.

So what else?  Oh yeah, FOOD!  I been eating a lot of it that's for sure.  Too bad I haven't been taking pictures.

The only pictures I could find is my cast iron pizza experiments.  Was it good?  Oh yeah.

 Pepperoni and pineapple.  Don't judge!

 This one has roasted jalapenos on it as well.

Here they are out of the oven.

The aftermath.

Do you guys get the Fortune Cookie Soapbox?  I thought the summer box soap was soo pretty! Terrible picture here but it looks like galaxy nails hah.

So I also missed Hungry Asian Nail Polish 4th anniversary!  If I can ever finish my collection I will do a giveaway for sure.  Thanks for your continued support over the years, it means so much to me.  I love you guys.

Since I did title this a bloggiversary post, I will end with pictures from this month each year for the past 6 years.  I won't leave any out, so if it's not beauty related, oops!

May 2014:

A Spider roll, yay!

 Jazzy loves her treats.

Looks like Belle does too and she forgot to put her rump down.

May 2013:

 I thought I didn't take pictures in May '13, but I found 1 folder with these hah.  This is albacore tataki.

For my review on Not Your Mothers curl cream.  That WAS my hg curl cream but I recently found a new one that blows it out of the water, ooh I should review it right? It's Deva Curl btw from Sephora.

May 2012:  So apparently in 2012, I took a ton of pictures.

I also must have had a belated bloggivesary that year because this is a giveaway pic lol.

 Our poor little Peanut had leg surgery to remove some tumor.  Her paw was the size of a small baseball mitt after it was funny but not funny.

 Oh hey I remember this, Rite Aid shopping!

This is I'm All Ears by OPI, iirc there was a Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse collection no?  Oh gosh those were my nails?  How I miss you.

 We were shown the house we live in now by our realtor.

 So when I said I wouldn't leave any pics out, I lied.  There is like 100 house ones.

May 2011:

 Oh hey, remember when crackle was a thing?

 I'm thin!

 You guys know I love umeboshi and anything plums.  Here I am picking my ume from the tree getting ready to make my own umeboshi and umeshu (plum wine).

 Oh hey I made an Absolutely Alice dupe!

 Ochazuke, which is rice and and usually tea poured over it with toppings.  My toppings here was salmon and a pickled plum.  Pretty common toppings, oh and seaweed.

 So you're thinking, oh wait are those stars at daytime?  Is this a long exposure shot?  No.  This is an allergy nightmare.  That's white fluffy things from trees floating in the air.  Just look at it.

 Maybe from cottonwood trees? I dunno, but there was a huge row of trees near our property that made it snow every summer.

I'm 99% sure this is a one-of-a-kind I made for my friend Allie.

 Incoco nail strips.

They just didn't work for me.

 Did I really make such awful labels back then? Sorry guys.

 I used to do custom orders!

 You cannot make this stuff up.  Look at Belle, wearing Belle panties.

 I promise we weren't torturing her, she needed them for something.  I think it may have been to stop her from licking herself.

What do you when daddy puts underwear on you? Sulk away to your room.

May 2010:  To think I said I took a lot of pics in 2012, no no no.  Oh and also we went back so far in time that my camera is now a super crappy one.  Like 5 megapixels crappy.

 Why did I keep this picture?

 Oh that glorious day I found the holographic black version of My Private Jet by OPI in a clearance bin for less than $5.

 Hey I made this!

Failed nail art for sure.

 Jazzy wants you to throw her toy.

 My favorite CC shade, Pure Energy.

Happy puppy.

My favorite OPI ever, Malaga Wine.  Hope they still make this.

 Remember these?

 I need to recreate this!

 Oh Eyeko polish, do they still make nail polish?

 Before I knew about curl creams I used to either flat iron my hair curly, or pin them up with bobby pins and blow dry to keep the frizz away.

This is the bobby pin method.

Well that's all for now, if you have made it this far, thank you!  Now to wait impatiently for labor because we want to meet our little man.


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