Goodies From Pasadena Mall

On Sunday we had 3 hours to kill so we went to a mall down the street from our hotel.

These were $1.99, they are my new favorite earrings!  I wear them almost everyday.

 A bunch of random cute accessories from Icing.  Our local Icing is very tiny and we had now idea they sell purses and stuff!

 I love the honey body butter!

 My last Lemony Flutter went rancid so had to replace that and the scrub is really nice.  When I went into the Lush store I got the new Valentines stuff demo'd on me it felt so nice!

I really wanted to try the Dolly Wink tube mascara but they only had brown.  Such sadness!  I settled for Fiberwig.  I do like the tiny applicator tube, it makes applying my lower lashes very nice.

Some cell phone pics of just stuff.

At the swarvoski store I thought the guy with the bomb head was so cute.

I always wanted to try this lol.

 This was actually a Christmas gift.  Thanks Allie!

You know me and my stationary.

Got the wallet and checked out at the Sanrio store.  During checkout I noticed there was a matching tote really up high on a shelf.  I asked how much it was and was told $64.  We left and I just kept thinking about that tote.  I said it's fine I'll buy it online!  So I checked online with my phone and the website had it for $80! Plus shipping.  So after we finished looking at the other stores I went back and got it.  It was the last one! Oh and we had a $5 off card from our first purchase lol so anyway saved $20.

The end!


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