Makeup and Nail Makeover (IMATS part 2)

We got up super early in the morning the day of IMATS and I got my makeup done by Cortney.  She used to be a MAC makeup artist and she is AMAZING!  Cortney you come back and do my makeup everyday.

The night before we went out to a delicious steakhouse and then we came back to our hotel and I did Cortney's nails with the new Gwen Stefani OPI nail art kit.

The kit contents.  There is also a small tube of super glue that is in here, I forgot it at the hotel.

2 coats of Over and Over A-Gwen with the golden embellishments that came with the kit.  She got compliments the next day, success!

The next day I woke up at 6:20 AM and took a shower and applied moisturizer.

This is in Cortney's hotel bathroom, she also did her mom's eye makeup.

I didn't get any photos of her doing my makeup.

Here I am after.  She applied my own foundation and pressed powder, and used her eyeshadow/blush.  She gave me a subtle warm toned smokey eye.  I LOVED IT!

Thank you Cortney!

OPI products sent for review.