Lucido-L Creamy Milk Hair Color Cafe Chiffon Review

So to start, if you follow my blog you know that I colored my hair twice to go red.  It was just too much for me, it fades so quickly and you have to touch up more often plus it is so messy.  I decided to give up on it and go back to brown.

I had super greasy hair that day so I didn't take pictures while my hair was still red but I used a product called Color Oops!  I got it from Amazon (that's where the link takes you).  I just followed the box directions and it stripped my hair of all red.  In fact after my hair was a pretty nice neutral brown color, probably from the hi-lift stuff.

This is a pic from when I first colored it, just to show how red it was. It had faded quite a bit but the red was very noticeable.

This is right after stripped the red from my hair.  My hair was super dry from it so I kept it in bun.

My roots were of course showing.

The next day I used this hair dye.

This is different than the last Lucido dye I used, it is a cream instead of bubbles.  I thought the cream was much easier to apply.  I didn't realize how long my hair had gotten, I barely had enough to saturate all of my hair.  Now I am in the buy 2 boxes zone!

After roots.

It isn't as uneven as it photographed here, the lighting ruined the top half of my hair.  I need to stop using my overhead incandescent lights, it puts a warm hue towards the top of my head.

Once I styled my hair I figured I needed a trim so I cut it and gave myself a V cut.  I took about 3/4 inches off.

See, it's the lights!  I came pretty close to box color, only because my previous coloring had lifted a few shades.  Very likely you will not achieve this color on virgin dark hair.


  • Super easy to apply into hair
  • Can get from Amazon
  • Not overly damaging. Used this the day after stripping previous hair color and it was fine


  • Expensive for just 1 box of dye, around $14
Back to no maintenance brown, woohoo!

Purchased with my money.


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