IMATS LA 2014 Photos and Stuff! (Part 1)

I am back from Pasadena and had a complete blast!  I think I am going to break this up in 3 posts, the meat of the content will be in this one.  Mostly just random photos I was able to take while we attended the show on Saturday Jan. 18th.

The other posts will be the goodies I brought home, and meeting Kandee Johnson! She needs her own post!

Check-in desk.  We were supposed to leave at 8 am to get there by 8:30 (that's when the show opened) but I made us late because I got my makeup done by sister-in-law.  Turned out ok though!

 Cortney (my beautiful sister-in-law) and I when we first came in.

 These look so cool!

Didn't realize these were blurry, ugh!  Not much nail polish at the show unfortunately.  I didn't get any China Glaze, I totally regret it lol.

Lime Crime had some colors but by the time it was our turn in line there were only 3 polish colors left.  I did buy one :)

Now these pics have random people and the special makeup.

There were demos going on all day.

 She wanted to give us makeovers!

 She was on the stilts all day!

 Colorful wigs!

 I wanted her to turn around but oh well.  Cute outfit.

They looked like they just shared a funny joke.

I took her picture early in the morning and I got an after shot later in the afternoon.

Check her out with her top half done!

So we waited in Sugarpill line for quite a while.  MAC, Sugarpill, Lime Crime had insane lines!

This guy had red contacts, I missed my photo op when he was posing a split second before this lol.

She was so adorable.  She rang us up!

 Sugarpill choices.


Our last stop for the day was the Cinema Secrets booth so that I could get their brush cleaner.  Well this girl was working there and wanted a photo taken with Cortney because they are hair twins!  She was super sweet and gorgeous.  I got in a pic with them but I don't have the photo lol.  Her name is Rachel (

This guy was a zombie and I wanted him to look at me but he was really doin the whole zombie walk and I couldn't get his face.

We finally made it to the Lime Crime booth and this girl was so adorable!

Thank you for looking!