Goodies From IMATS LA 2014 (Part 3)

The longest line that we stood in besides checking out of Lime Crime was the Sugarpill line.  Even though the lines were long we always met the nicest people in front or behind us to chat with.  Everyone I met that day was super nice!

I didn't get much.

Their box is so cute aaaah.

The only thing I got from Sugarpill lol.  Kitten Parade.

Their bag.

This works really well!  I put some in a small spray bottle and one spritz the brush is clean!

Some NYX shadows.  I also got a palette set thing I didn't take a picture of.

The gloss tube is a matte lip stain, it is super intense.  Will show swatches soon.

My single polish purchase!

The bag!

Finally brushes from Morphe.  These were such a steal, the smaller brushes were $3-4 or less and the larger brushes were $9 or so.


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