Palty Strawberry Jam and Loreal HiColor Intense Red Review

The last time I colored my hair was August 3rd!  My dark roots were very obvious so I wanted to try a different brand of Japanese box dye since I had such good luck with my last one.

Palty Strawberry Jam.  Normally I go back to black in the autumn, but in a spur of the moment decision I thought it would be fun to try red!

 Before.  I had my hair in a high bun all day and just took it down, very mess.  Not enough lighting also made my hair look black here.  Used flash in the rest of the photo to show the brown from my last coloring.

 Before roots.

Before with hair mustache.

 After Palty.  I had my hair up but honestly this dye was so crap that I did not even bother to mess with my hair.

After roots.  You can still see some of my roots are darker.  I also had a ton of uneven spots all over, even though I had saturated all of my hair.  Very disappointing.  I braided my hair to hide the streaky patches, it was embarrassing!

The Palty dye was hard to apply because you mixed it in a cup with a little paddle that had holes in it. I forgot to take pics.  I also left it in for 45 minutes and it burned my scalp.  As you can see it looks nothing like the box color, or even very red at all.  It just looked like I lightened my hair with a hint of pink.

The conditioner packet that came with it was very tiny, and I didn't have enough to put into my hair.  It also smelled bad!

Well anyways, not very happy with the Palty dye.  Although I can't say if it is this bad for the other colors, but I definitely recommend staying away from Strawberry Jam if you have thick dark stubborn hair like mine.


  • Can bubbles be a pro? It foamed in the cup and it was fun to stir...

  • Hard to apply. Especially at the bottom of the cup it is hard to get the rest out.
  • Damaging
  • Practically zero color payoff
  • Uneven coverage

Now onto the Loreal color!

Shade in Intense Red.  I mixed this according to the box instructions (2.5 oz developer and your color creme).  I have 40 and a 20 developer so I mixed equal parts in. I thought the 40 was too much but 20 not enough.

Loreal HiColor Intense Red After.

 This is 3 days after coloring. I washed my hair on the day I took these photos.  I still had red running down the drain.

Covered up my greys!

I wanted more of a cherry red so I am not completely happy with the color but it will do for now.  This is very magenta looking.


  • Vibrant color
  • Covers greys
  • Works on dark hair (box does say for dark hair!)
  • Easy to get (Sally Beauty)
  • Easy to use
  • Didn't need to bleach beforehand

  • Very smelly (even after washing my hair on day 3 it still reeks of the dye)
  • Messy! Red! Everywhere!
My Palty dye job was so embarrassing I only waited 6 days before going ahead with the Loreal Hi-Lift.  I did wash my hair really well mid-week to try to get some of the dye out, then waited 3 days to let my natural oils come back.

I had to renew my Sally's card this month so I will go back in January and spend my $5 credit on a more cherry red color.  Suggestions?

Thanks to Katherine (@ManicureAddict), Ashlee (@anvelasquez1207) and April (@_aprilmaybe_) for your suggestions!

Have you ever had a hair coloring fiasco? Would you go fiery red?  Thanks for reading!

Purchased with my money.