Skoshbox September 2013

I ate this box in 3 days!

The box.

Here is the inside: sweet, flaky, crumbly goodness.

Milky hard strawberry candy.

A pretty standard senbei, or cracker.  If I recall the card said soy sauce flavor.

Who doesn't like lollipops?  This tasted like melon soda, which doesn't actually taste much like melon.  It just tastes.. sweet and yummy.  I wanna take a bath in melon soda!  Ok now you think I'm a weirdo.
Koala shaped hollow cookies filled with creamy chocolate. YUM!

 He's playing baseball!


This is a pretty common snack.  Spicy rice crackers with peanuts.

Another Doraemon rice puff.
I love using mechanical pencils at home so I will use this for sure.

Matcha Milky candy, a bean cake, a jelly candy and a piece of chocolate at the bottom.

This is the bean cake, the texture inside is very firm, yet soft and crumbly in your mouth.  I love these with chestnuts and could eat a whole package for sure lol.  Mmmm speaking of chestnuts I love yokan with chestnut inside.  I can never seem to find any when I'm ordering food online.  Now I am craving yokan.  Thanks a lot guys!  Oh wait.

I enjoyed this box as much as my last.  I am happy it came with an eraser lol!  What did you guys think?


Purchased with my money.