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Hey guys!  Just another with pictures of food I've been making and eating lately.  The past 4 days in a row I have had ramen for dinner.  Aaah!

The last time I went to the Asian market I saw some curry paste and picked out the red one.  There is also green and yellow.  I might get green next time.  I forgot to include Thai basil in this picture, but that's basically all that goes into it.  Oh and chicken.

I have never made Thai curry before, mostly because I do not like coconuts very much.  I was sure I didn't like coconut milk.  It's been years so I figured why not!  So this is the red curry paste and coconut milk.  I got the light milk because I thought the coconut flavor would be less intense.

Then I added a chicken thigh.  In retrospect I feel like I should have browned the chicken first and set it aside then added it in at this stage.

The rest of the veggies.  It is starting to smell really good at this point.

I had it with a bowl of long grain jasmine rice.  I used less coconut milk than the recipe called for, and I actually could not even taste it.  I made this again a few days later but with shrimp and they were both delicious.  What new-to-you recipe have you tried recently?

The curry was SUPER spicy!  Wash down with a beer, yes please.

Got this kale and white bean ravioli from Costco ( I loooooove Costco!).  I sauteed homegrown tomatoes in a little olive oil and right at the end added fresh basil.  Salt and pepper, then toss in freshly cooked ravioli and you have such a yummy meal.  I think I had this 3 days in a row for lunch.  I still have half a package in my fridge waiting for me when I get sick of eating ramen lol.

So about those homegrown tomatoes I used in the pasta dish above, my in laws grow some super awesome tomatoes and this year it just kept on coming.  We made 2 huge batches of salsa, and when we got tired of that we switched to BLTS.  I think we had BLTs for 3 or 4 days for sure.  I make the bacon extra crispy and add romain hearts, the tomatoes of course and mayo on whole wheat bread.  Dang I'm now craving a blt!

So I got soy sauce ramen with fresh noodles.  It is very good, I don't know if I can eat the instant ramen noodles now.  This bowl is my 4th one and I was trying to put different things in it.  I wasn't a fan of the sprouts.  My first 2 bowls had a soft boil egg, spinach, green onion and wakame (kelp).  Then my last 2 bowls I made it with pork, onion and whatever I could find.

Went shopping for baby spinach and it was sold out so I settled for baby kale.  Made salads with it but I think I prefer my kale cooked or in smoothies.  This was just ok.

In one of my previous Loot Crate boxes I got this bow tie.  It's pretty awesome, but I wouldn't wear it. Jazzy offered to model it for me.  "How do I look Mommy?"

I can never seem to go longer than 6 months before cutting my bangs.  I had it growing past my nose but oh well. Chop chop it goes.  My hair is still very brown, it hasn't washed away at all or gotten brassy.  This studio lighting makes my hair look much cooler than it is.

With flash it is more color accurate.

Well that's all I have for now, thanks for reading!


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