My Cotton Bunny August 2013

I got this a couple weeks ago and forgot, oops!  I thought this last box was pretty fun.

I didn't realize there was a 3rd tea, a blueberry one.  I mix my own loose leaf jasmine and green tea together so I was happy to see a jasmine green tea!  I am drinking that right now actually, its pretty good.

An interesting bookmark.  Gosh I haven't read a book in a while, last one was The Hunger Games!

A pink pen/stylus.  These 2 in 1 pens must be getting popular.  I took this to work and use it everyday.

A cute small notebook.  I'm pretty sure it's recycled :)

I left out the tampons cause you've seen em already!  You can check out My Cotton Bunny HERE.

Purchased with my money.