Biore Steam Activated Cleanser Review

The product squeezes out in a gel texture and it has small blue beads that disappear when you make a lather with your hands. It does suggest you use in the shower and I have been using it daily for a couple of weeks now.

I just squeeze a nickel sized amount on my hand and lather it.  Then just rub it on my face like any other cleanser.  What I like about it is that my face does not feel dry at all when I wash it off.  I have other cleansers that will remove makeup but it leaves my skin feeling tight and dry after.   I normally use Cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and this has replaced it for the past 2 weeks.  This works just as good as my Cetaphil.

I noticed after rinsing my lashline and the corners of my lips felt cool and tingly.  So I knew it has menthol in it.  The cooling sensation afterwards is nice and refreshing, especially when you need a little extra help waking up in the morning like me.  Just be extra careful about getting it in your eyes!

The scent is light, kind of minty and citrus-y.

The product claims to be a deep pore cleanser, I didn't really notice any difference in my skin.  I use Skin Action Sebum Gel by Cellnique (I reviewed the gel HERE 3 years ago and have repurchased it 3 times since) which keeps my pores free of blackheads and gunk.  This works great as my daily morning cleanser.

At Target's website this costs $7.49.  If you can find it on sale it would be a pretty good deal.  The tube is 5 ounces and you only need a small amount to lather enough for your face.  I think mine will last for at least 2 more months and I have used it already daily for 2 weeks.

Sent to me for review.