Skoshbox August 2013 Review

Skoshbox is a montly subscription box that brings you Japanese snacks, stationary and knickknacks.  I only got food in this month box and am looking forward to some stationary items in the future.

From Hawaii!

Neatly packaged with some chopsticks!

I was surprised what all fit into the box, when I first saw it I thought it was really thin.

Stick shaped wafers with matcha cream inside, yum!  You should know by now I will eat anything with matcha in it lol.

 These are savory and has a peanut in each one.

Cheesy crackers.  These had a very buttery taste.

Puffy savory corn snack.  This was cheesy and reminded me a cheese puff.  Oh remember those cheese balls by Planters in that cylinder container?  How I miss those!  Well anyway yeah tastes like a cheese puff!  I like to buy these puffy sticks on and I get the umeboshi flavor. SO GOOD!

Caramel, a jelly cube and a strawberry gummy candy.

Bar of milk chocolate with a biscuit on top.  My bar melted but I still ate it lol.  Will I continue to subscribe? Yes!  I definitely enjoyed my first box, can't wait for the next.

Skoshbox is $12/month and you can sign up at their website HERE.

Purchased with my own money and no referral links.