Lucido - L Bubble Hair Color Natural Brown Review

I bought this from Ebay HERE.  It was $13.59.  I went back and forth between this color and the Ash Champagne one for a while and finally settled on Natural Brown.

You mix the small bottle with the squeeze tube, put the cap on and shake!  Included is a small packet of deep conditioning stuff that you use after rinsing the dye out of your hair.

I applied to my bottom half starting at the roots first.  I have to wear contacts so that my glasses do not get in the way.  I also recommend removing your earrings, which I forgot to do this time.

Scary during shot!  Also right after this photo I have a plastic shower cap that I use just for hair dyes and I cover all my hair with it.  The heat from your head helps develop the color.  Other things you can use is saran wrap, and a plastic shopping bag.

Before.  I have 2 day old hair here so please excuse the greasy roots.

Before in the back.  I had not colored my hair in 8 months, so I had an ombre effect going on. My ends were much lighter than my roots.

Roots before.

Roots after.

Before. I didn't realize all my before shots cut the top of my head off, oops!

After.  I was very happy with the results except for 1 thing.  This does not cover gray hairs!  I have some grays in my bangs that stood out easily, but I suppose they are less noticeable with lighter hair.  But still.  I wanted them gone.  Oh well, live and learn.  I would repurchase this if it covered grays.  I don't think my hair turned out like the box but it is a very nice neutral brown without brassiness.

This is my first time using a Japanese brand hair dye and it worked really well.  There was no brassy tones and I got my color with less process time.  Before I always tried western brands like Loreal and Revlon box drugstore ones, Clairol and Ion from Sally Beauty Supply.  Every single one of these left me with brassy hair, and I just accepted the fact that I had to buy a color additive to get rid of the orange/red tones.

I only needed 30 mins process time, as opposed to 45-60 mins.  This did not damage my hair and leave it feeling like straw.  I have very thick hair so this was a huge plus for me.

Overall I really liked this dye.  The best I have used so far.  I will have to try the other Japanese brands next time!  I would highly recommend if you have thick dark hair like me.

Purchased with my own money.