Random catch up pictures!

Hey guys!  How has your summer been so far?  I have been keeping busy and trying to stay cool.  I have taken a lot of photographs over the past few months and thought I would share some.

Jasmine sleeping with one of her babies.  It matches her fur!

Got a zerg t shirt for my birthday and lime juice changed the color!  Oddly enough, it washed out.  Hyper color stains?

I got tired of my cheap ebay case and wanted a cuter one.  I got this off Amazon for about $9, and I hated it.  It's so slippery and felt greasy in my hands.  Bummer.

Fortune Cookie Summer Soap Box.  Just looked and this box is sold out but there is about a month left to order the fall box.

Celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in June.

My husband has the coolest eyes!  Oh and I'll take those lashes.

I am still making colors.  I won't have any summer colors unfortunately, maybe a tiny late summer release? No guarantees.

I subscribe to Loot Crate, which is a gamer monthly box.  July's box had this cool pen/stylus!  I love this thing.  In the past few months the things they include have been getting better and better.  Check it out if you like gamer stuff.

This is from Fortune Cookie Soap, it's for your bath.  Fresh Pineapple Sorbet Bath Bomb

I had to try it, I mean it looks like ice cream!  It smells super yummy, like a fresh pineapple. It was very large, and I tried to break it in half but I couldn't.  I ended up putting the whole thing in my bath and it was so oily.  I could see huge oil puddles in my water.  I just couldn't enjoy my bath because it was too much oil.

This Skoshbox is new to me, it's a monthly that sends you Japanese snacks and stationary.  I took pictures of the contents I will probably make a separate post about it.

 I think I am going to dye my hair tonight, do you want me to take before/after shots?  Right now my hair is a mess.  I haven't colored it in 8 months.

Here I am typing out this post.  My desk is a mess of random bottles and items.  I have such a hard time staying tidy and organized.

Thanks for stopping by!

All the items in this post was purchased with my own money.