My Cotton Bunny Subscription Box Review

I am a bit of a subscription box addict, I am up to 5 a month so far. Well to be fair, 2 of them are for my doggies, and they totally deserve it!  My friend Steph from DSK Steph is always tempting me with her reviews of different boxes.  She posted about this a little while ago and I knew I had to try it.

My Cotton Bunny is a monthly subscription box for well, that time of the month.    I decided to give this one a try because I sure wouldn't mind a little extra help getting what I need and some pampering as well.

It arrives in a nice sturdy box with their name and logo all over it. This is the description card but the box is very similar.  I get that you want your brand on the box, but I kind of wished it was a bit more discreet on the outside.  Not everyone needs to see that I got tampons mailed to me, you know?

This is a single serving packet of hot cocoa.   It looks good but I haven't tried it yet.

This is 1 small square piece of chocolate.  I am not a big plain chocolate fan but this was not sweet and not overly bitter so I enjoyed it.

The whole reason why I tried this.

Super soft socks wrapped up to look like a cupcake!  It has a little lollipop in the center too, so adorable.  I love the socks I must have 5 or so other pairs like this already I wear them everyday at home so these were perfect for me.  I also got a sponge to scrub my feet with, I forgot to take pictures.  It's just a small sponge that's rough so you can remove your dry flaking skin off your feet.

Trying on some new glitters I'm making.  They are layered over Nailtini Frappe (from My Glam Bag subscription!).

It costs $13.75 a month, shipped.  You get your choice of tampons or pads from various brands, I was able to pick mine from the list.  I think each brand may have their own size, but my Tampax Pearl comes in a 18 count box.  This month my box of tampons had 2 free ones.

This is a new feature to me, you can now choose to get pantyliners every other month instead of your usual tampon or pads.  I hope they implement more rotating options, I would like to see the option of choosing  to get regular tampons and then a different flow type the next month.

I like this subscription a lot, it definitely cheers me up getting some goodies to sample and we all need supplies.  Might as well get it mailed to me.  Your significant other may thank you as well lol.

Here is their website again if you wanted to check them out.   My Cotton Bunny