OPI So So Skullicious Swatches and Review

So So Skullicious is the Halloween mini set for 2012.  Check them out below!

Candlelight 3 coats.

A-Rose from the Dead 2 coats.

Was a little bummed out to see the wonky brush.

Hi, Pumpkin! 3 coats.

Another goofy brush.

Mourning Glory 2 coats.  This was almost opaque at 1 but I think it needed another.  Dries on the glossier side but I think still needs topcoat.

The wonkiest brush of all!  I still managed to not mess up too badly applying this color leaving the brush this way. I would normally trim or pull the pieces sticking out, but decided to leave them alone and apply the colors as-is for reviews sake. I was pretty disappointed that 3 out of 4 came this way.

You also get 2 small sheets of cute Dia de los Muertos themed water decals.  I love water decals, they are so easy to use.  You just cut around the shape, apply a few drops of water over the image and it should slide off.  Then you apply it how you like on your nail and top it off with topcoat.  The decal slides around so it is much more forgiving than a sticker.

The colors are cute enough but nothing new or that spectacular. Formula was smooth and easy to work with.  I do love the decals that came with it.  The huge turn off was the brushes for me.  I don't know if I just got really unlucky with them, but since the mini brushes are pretty tiny it made it difficult to apply.

This retails for $12.50 and is available now.

Sent to me for review.