Long time no post!  I'm still pretty active on IG and Facebook but not much blogging.  I will be moving in a month or so and have been super busy with the house stuff, my Etsy Store and my job. http://www.facebook.com/HungryAsian  theres my facebook page if you wanna like it!

Here are some pics (missing all my IG pics cause I shattered my phone)

 MyGlam bag from 2 months ago.

One of my many Rite Aid hauls lol.

 I bought a ton of Konad plates from various vendors on Amazon.com and this particular vendor called Eos Beauty sent this plate, it was dented!  I mailed them with this picture and they said they would send a replacement but never did.  Would not recommend Eos Beauty if you like to shop on Amazon like me.

 Finally got Lemony Flutter, it's great!

 Our new house!
 Oh whoops don't mind the text in the pic haha fu Allie!

 My latest creation, Mint Condtion!

 Don't touch my mustache.

I just turned 35.

So anyway, link to my FB page up top of the post, and my IG is @thehungryasian (link on sidebar as well).